What is one gun you have that you feel you can never live without

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Wolfcubby, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. ArmyScout

    ArmyScout Supporting Member

    My Bersa 9mm. It's about all I have left. Everything has been given to familys. Getting 'OLD', don't need and don't got much.
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  2. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    Really, the guns that are NOT leaving my hands are my dads Savage 99, my own 99, my Bushmaster AR, and dads 30-06.
    But I really, really like more than a few others...

  3. Guns? I don't have any...
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  4. CowboyBob

    CowboyBob Member

    All of them...... Nerf, Paintball, Airsoft, Squirt, staple and glue guns.....I won't give them up! Battle to the last foam dart, orange marking paint ball, stick of Stanley T50 or drip of craft glue!
    All my real guns are at the bottom of the Delaware river. My wife told me George and his boys were long gone from Trenton and it was to rough to cross ......should have listened.
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  5. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

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  6. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    I thought that was a lemon squeezer grip...
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  7. Bertus

    Bertus Member

    I guess I don't have any guns I can never live without. I have 2 that I would like to have stay in the family, and I plan to give those to my son soon.

    I am actually in a selling mode this next year. I have a few projects that will require cash that I don't want to take out of the savings, so I am going to pick a few guns to sell.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    The ones you sell will probably cost a bunch more in the future. Bad move, or won't be legal to own. Find another way to generate funds
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  9. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    That is probably true. I haven't gotten rid of any since they changed the law here back in july. I do see another "gun grab" scare in the near future and I am sure it will send prices back up like under the last administration.
    I haven't even been shooting recently. I guess I'm trying to hold on to the ammo I've got. My interests have expanded recently to other things as well. I still have a couple things on layaway, just not in as big a hurry to get them out.
    As far as what I can't live without, probably my mp 15/22. Funnest most versatile rifle I've got I think.
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  10. Bertus

    Bertus Member

    Guns can be a gamble as far as long term investments, sometimes you get lucky and the SKS you bought for $125 just sold for $400, and sometimes the Ruger you bought for $700 sold for $400.
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  11. Bertus

    Bertus Member

    Funny you should say that, because the wife told me about the same thing:)!

    I was thinking that my AR's will not gain in any value, because they keep making them cheaper every year, like the Model T. Most of the others, I was thinking of selling, will probably hold the same value for the next several years, but at the same time not gain in value much.
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  12. DixieBiker

    DixieBiker Member

    Well, I have a K frame S&W Model 19-3 I inherited from my Dad that dates back to about 1969. I would not part with it as it is such a sweet shooting revolver!
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  13. mellon

    mellon Member

    Ruger 44 special flat top Bisley. The Lipsey's limited edition.
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  14. ekim

    ekim Member

    I really like my Saga 7.62X39 and my Mossberg 702 .22 also my Bera .380, Feg PA 63 9mm Markov, S&W .Combat Masterpiece K .22, my two Olympic Wolverine semi auto .22's, Maverick 88 pump 20 gauge, Winchester Model 94 30/30 lever action, who knows what will come next? At my age and lousy health I'd say I'm done gettin any more weapons. Forgot my Chippa"Little Badger" Break Action .22 WMR, last gun I got.
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  15. Mark 1

    Mark 1 Member

    My fully custom AR15 (mostly PSA), my fully accessorized 12gauge Maverick 88, my tactical Ruger 10/22 and my 44 year old but still almost like new Marlin Glenfield model 60. Never had a single problem with any of them after thousands of rounds... Except for a few inevitable .22 duds.
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  16. My Savage Springfield 187F (might be getting the letter wrong I’ve had a few of these). My dad bought it when he was a kid back in the 60s. It was the first rifle I ever fired when I was 7, could barely hold it. It was designed to fire Shorts, Longs, and Standard velocity Long Rifle as semi auto, so it cycles the CCI quiet .22s perfectly. Its quieter than a pellet gun. I love it.
  17. FlashBang

    FlashBang I Stand With Talon Lifetime Supporter

    Whichever one is in my hand when I need to defend myself or my family.
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  18. Outlaw

    Outlaw Supporting Member