What is the Best .45 Auto ammo for self defense?

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  1. What is the Best .45 Auto ammunition for home defense using a Hi-Point carbine?

    I hear +P ammunition with a 200 grain bullet can push bullet velocity faster than around 1,050 feet per second out of a 16 inch barrel. 930 feet per second is about how fast a regular 230 grain .45 Auto round goes from a 16 inch barrel.
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    I've read that even at standard velocities, hollow points travel to fast to expand, and it just goes through. It might get there fast, but it's still going fast when it get there! If you hit 'em in the breast plate, I would think any ammo is going to knock him down with a .45. I have the .40, and I don't worry about what ammo is in there, it would be a killer no matter what's in there. In a home invasion type scenario, what are they going to be, 15-20 ft? Whatever I got in there, they are going to have a problem. Just my thoughts.

  3. I reload most of my ammo, but when buying .45acp I typically buy 230gr Speer Gold Dots. I also like Hornady Critical defense, but Speer Gold Dots are what most of my guns are sighted in with.
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    The best round is one that feed and function in your firearm reliably. That said, I have settled on the Remington 230 gr Sabers for my 4595 as they meet the a fore mentioned requirements. They are 930 out of a 5 inch test barrel but I have no clue as to how fast they exit the carbine. I do know they still expand reliably on hogs at around 40 yards and they penetrated pretty well.
  5. From what I have read an extra 100 to 200 feet per second of velocity with a bullet that has 30 grain less mass would cause more trauma to stop an attacker. I am wondering if I could get +P .45 Auto ammunition up safely up to 1,175 feet per second with factory ammunition out of the longer barrel.
  6. Honestly your not going to notice a difference when your talking weight and speed in a .45acp against a human. Buy a nice hollow point round and you will have more than ample power to stop a human attacker.
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    How about these ? A whopping $65 for 20 rounds.......


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    I'm curious, they claim a 2" grouping at 25 yards....doesn't the shooter have anything to say about that? BS.
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    the best self defense ammo is the one you can afford to practice with. most personal defense ammo will have a different point of impact than regular ball ammo. I use hydra shoks, and they tend to shoot lower than fmj from the same weapon. just my personal experience...
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    I have one mag with hollow point commercial reloads and 3 mags with Tula to back it up.
    I really doubt 'no-name' hollow points will perform significantly less then the high dollar high marketing lickedysplit wonder bullets.
    Reloaded HP's for $16/50 is good enough for me.
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    I am guessing they are saying the ammo is capable of 2" groups at 25 yards. Up to the shooter if it will be or not.
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    I use ball ammo for everything. Most people will never shoot a lot of defense rounds because of the cost. Because of this they will never know if their gun will feed reliably. Maybe ball is not the best but it feeds and functions every time and when I practice, I practice with with what I carry.
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    I can't say what's best for your guns, but I've sold guns that didn't cycle Federal HST reliably.
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    There is a reason why the Military carried the 45 acp ball ammunition. It seemed to work through two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and is still in use today today with special ops. Get some good ball ammo and if you should have to shot some one (god forbid) they will go down as long as you do your job. Just my .02 cents. Have a great day.

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    Those R.I.P. wonder bullets may not feed in your rifle.



    You want fast in .45? How about 1900fps? And probably no feeding problems?


    Or these fragmenting DRT's

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    Maybe because HP aren't allowed for use in WAR??

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    Read one of my links, the U.S. never signed the agrrements.
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    The best ammo in a SD scenario is whatever you have... if you are defending your life the ammo doesn't matter, hitting your aggressor is what matters. A well placed 230gr ball will stop the aggressor faster then a misplaced HP round. ;)

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    +1 that..... Whatever shoots, and feeds the best.