What is the best IWB Holster?

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by duprenix, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. ajole

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    NE Utah
    They look pretty good. Kinda expensive.

  2. greg_r

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    In my opinion, the best IWB holster is the A-2 model from MTR Custom Leather.
  3. Branth

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    Those Raw Dog holsters look pretty decent, and the price isn't bad for an IWB hybrid rig. I ended up paying $80 for mine, but it was a custom mold for a gun with a laser/light combo. I went with Cleveland Holsters, and I haven't been disappointed. I sat on my empty holster and cracked the kydex, and they fixed it for free.

  4. beaglenc

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    The question is too broad.
    There are too many shapes and sizes that work well in some holsters but not so much in others.

    Pick a size....say single stack 9, and then discuss.

    My .380 Colt SS fits and feels fine in a Bianchi #6 for 25 yrs but my sr9c would never ride in one.
    My single stack 9 fits and feels well in a remora but that sr9c 2ble stack just makes the whole thing too thick for me.

    Love my PJ holster for most applications for my single stack and my SR9 but don't think I would like it for my 3" 5 shot .38. I like leather gripping those cylinder
    "hard corners".
    Just sayin.
  5. harcdaddy

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    Mini tuck crossbreed holsters are great! Expensive but worth it. I have one for my Taurus 738

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  6. osbornk

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  7. madscott

    madscott Member

    I agree, great holsters.

    I am using a desantis sof tuck right now, but loved my crossbreed. Wish I still had it, mist comfortable holster I gave ever used.
  8. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    The best ANY holster is one that fits and allows the gun to be carried without too much, if any, discomfort.
    Kinda like shoes, different holsters work for different people, and what is comfortable for me, might not be comfortable for you.
  9. Django

    Django Member

    I had never tried a cross breed type holster ( 2 clips, leather back, kydex front) until recently. A local guy made me one for a Glock 19. Its the most comfortable iwb I've ever tried. I've wasted a lot of money trying other types.
  10. Back2School

    Back2School Member

    I have 3 IWB holsters, and they all are good, I just happen to prefer one over the others.

    Crossbreed - horsehide. My favorite holster. Expensive. Long wait when you order. Best draw and easiest to re-holster. Can't change the kydex so if you change guns you have to buy another $$ holster

    Celtic Holsters - Similiar to the Cross tuck, but cheaper. Has thinner leather. Beacause I am fat, this leather gives a little more than the Crossbreed and is harder to reholster. Same drawbacks. Got it because its the brand at my LGS.

    Aliengear - Man, I want to love this so much, but I think I may have purchased the wrong type for me. I got the Cloak Tuck 2.0. I LOVE the features (adjustable cant, replaceable kydex) it just has the most pliable backing which again makes it the hardest for a fat guy like me to re-holster. Since I have more pistols with no holster I may try their regular leather and see how those work out. Besides, with Alien Gear's focus on price, they are easy enough to buy. I also love the fact they are a sponsor here and I will support these guys as much as I can.