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What is the best night sights? Springfield XD

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I have a springfield xd9 and I want to throw a set of night sights on it and im not real sure what to go with? Either TruGlo or Trijicon or Ameriglo? They are all around the same price and Im wondering which works the best? Any help here would really appreciate. I know that there are alot of people on here with the XD.
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Suresight by Truglo....if you can get them (see XD torture test) one of the best setups i've seen in a while... not sure if they are considered nightsights, but the design is fresh 8)
I have the Heinie SlantPro Straight Eight Night Sights on mine and love them. I think you have to buy the XD with them though, as it requires a special slide for them to mount properly.

Heinie SlantPro Straight Eight Night Sights


The other night sights Springfield sells with the XD is the Trijicon. I would probably look into them.


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I don't like the green ones, as I like the 3 dot system better. With the 2 dot, it's harder to judge if your sights are level or not. The Trijicon sights are good looking though, if I had an XD that's what I'd get.
You know I thought the same thing at first. All I have ever used was the 3 dot sight system, and this new two dot thing seemed weird. After just a few mags at the range. I quickly figured the sights out, and found that it was actually faster and a little easier than the traditional 3 dots.

However the Trijicon sights are very nice, and don't have that learning curve... I had a friend buy a brand new XD-9 service model when I got mine. He got the Trijicon night sights on his.

Here is some info from Heine's website explaining how they work:

Heinie Straight Eight Sights

It is a proven fact that the human eye can correct vertical alignment quicker then horizontal alignment.

The Straight Eight Night Sight Configuration consists of a tritium dot in the front and a slightly smaller tritium dot in the rear which glow in the dark (night sights). When aligning this sight picture, put one dot on top of the other dot making an elongated figure eight. Thus, the "Straight Eight". The tritium dots are green in color and have a ten year warranty.

In a stressful sitiuation, you don't have time to worry about your sighting system!

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