What is the price difference in 9mm and 38super?

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  1. I found a gun I like that is chambered for 38super and I was wondering compared to 9mm, what are the advantages of the cartrige and price difference if any?
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    38 super is more money for the ammo. But most loads are faster then the standard 9mm.

  3. Ok, so a more powerful round. Around how much more would it cost a box(aproximatly)?
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    The .38 Super is a pistol cartridge that fires a .356 inch bullet. Introduced in the late 20's as a high pressure loading of a .38 ACP. The .38 ACP propelled a 130 grain bullet at 1050fps. The .38 Super Auto propelled the same bullet at 1280 fps. The .38 Super has become a popular caliber for pistol match competitors. It's ammo is largely reloaded, so that the shooter has his "pet loads" for more accuracy... For buying 38 super in Wally World, psh, think again!
    .38 super

    9mm is a .354 bullet... :)
  5. Ok then.
  6. Ok, lol.
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    FYI .38 super case dimensions are 9x23mm in metric. NOT the same as 9mm luger.


  8. Oooook
  9. I can get Fiocchie 9mm for 10 bucks per 50 rounds I do not think you can get super 38 even close to that, got to be much more.
  10. Unless you are a competition shooter, you live in Mexico, or want to take out engine blocks from speeding cars--

    Get a 9mm..

    of course the Super is more fun-- just WAY more expensive...

    I think a local shop has 38 Super for like $22 a box of 50 or something like that-- they carry Fiocchi and WWB for about $9--

    do the math--

    bullets aint getting any cheaper
  11. Never shot a 38 supper what are they like?