What is your ammo of choice?

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    I've really recently picked up a Jhp .45 I opted for pmc bronze 230gr fmj for target ammo based on the recommendation of the gentleman behind the counter, I don't think he has any fault in the matter but my jhp .45 will not chamber a round of the said pmc ammo. It just sticks in the mag and stays put, the Critical Duty 220gr jhp chambers and cycles fine. I guess the question is, what works for you? What do you use for defence and or target ammo?
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    As far as defense with my .40, my thinking is "What would I rather get hit with?", and I rule that one out. ;)

  3. SteveC

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    I like the Critical Duty for SD. For range ammo I used a lot of Freedom Munitions and Sellier & Bellot before I started loading my own. If the gun is new (and the mags are new) you might want to polish the lips and tweak the mags as others have recommended. Try another brand or two.
  4. well I don't have .45 but on the 9mm here is what my father told me. he uses the cheaper 115 grn FMJ for target and then uses FMH for defense rounds he had noticed the higher grn FMJ seemed to nose dive. also if you have a good measuring device measure all the dimensions on the 2 different cartridges my father noticed the 124 grn seemed to be a little longer..

    this my not be 100% it is just what my dad has observed with the HP-c9 so I think the same theory applies with .45 (the problem with FMJ in defense is over penetration thus the need for FMH)

    hope this helps.
  5. For range time, whatevers cheapest (usually wwb). For home defense - Hornady xtp or critical defense..
  6. talon

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    My 45 eats anything. WWB and TulAmmo geet used most often in it, but when its in stock it loves Sellier&Bellot. Every one is different though, some dont like federal, some won't feed Tul, others eat anything.
  7. moona11

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    What ever I reload. And what's on sale.
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    I have a bunch of Magtech 230-gr FMJ that I've been running through all of my pistols and my 4595TS carbine. It runs fine in everything.
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    I use everything in my 4595. In my JHP so far just Monarch from Academy and WWB. No issues with any. They are all FMJ.
  10. greg_r

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    I have been loading hornady xtp for defense and cast lrn for my range ammo. Recently I have been casting tc for both range and social work. Am happy with it. This is in all my handgun calibers.
  11. RedRaptor22

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    The C9 loves the pmc bronze fmj, I practice and carry with it.
  12. My ammo of choice is my reloaded ammo, when I was shooting store bought ammo it was Federal champion brass case 115 gr for target practice.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    My JHP45 never met a brand it won't eat. Perhaps this is a mag issue.
  14. Both my JHP and 4595 will shoot anything I put in the mag and it doesn't matter what ammo it shoots to the same POA. I've shot. Winchester, American Eagle, MagTech, Fiocchi, and various reloads
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    thanks for all the awsome advice guys, I now do beleive it is a mag issue, I loaded and emptyed the mag by hand a couple dozen times and that seemed to work the mag "lips" and the pmc bronze is cycling. Or was untill I caught a spring issus lol.