What is your ccw depending on season?

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    I'm rail-thin (embarrassingly so) and definitely have to tailor my gun to my attire. I carry an M&P shield through most of the year. I love it, but if i bend over to grab something off the bottom shelf at home depot, it could be an issue. With winter in ohio bearing down on me I've been thinking about increasing my capacity. I've narrowed it down to the taurus pt111 and the rugger sr9c. Thoughts?
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    Well I thought you was gonna fit in..... But ya ruint it!..... We have one resident skinny dude (Tailbump), the rest of us shop at half the big and tall store...
    I'm sorry I don't own either of those pistols, but several here do, and in sure you'll get plenty of insight!

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    Quit wearing skinny jeans might help. :-D
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    Speak for yourself!

    I'm on my way though...
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    NE Utah
    The P3AT in front or back pocket, or on the ankle as a BUG. Year round.

    Got an XD 3" .40, and now the Taurus PT140 (after I wring it out at the range) for IWB, if I'm going to the city.

    The CZ82 is a common carry gun too. The .40's have replaced it some...but I do like the gun, great grip, great trigger, and I like how it feels and functions.

    And the PF9 can be ankle carried. I don't usually carry it IWB, as I have guns with more firepower for that, and it's too big for pocket carry in most of my pockets. So it's usually a BUG.

    I've got a holster for the G20...but haven't felt the need to conceal that much gun.:p

    Those are mine.
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    I'm thin as a rail myself. Usually I carry a Bulgarian PM Makarov now in the summer. My CZ82 for winter. Both 9x18 caliber. I have a number of full size pistols, but they just print real bad on me.
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    I can't help it that you guys got tapeworms or something.....
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    You could be thin also if ya got enough sex each day. Twice a day for a couple of months outta do it for ya! What ya think? :rofl:
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    Yea Big & Tall is the way to go:) Me,, full size 1911,, everyday,, all year,, IWB and OWB,, depending on what wifey say's I'll be wearing:D
    With long pants,, also a Phoenix Arms HP22A in a ankle holster.
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    It would.... Except the Mrs. Is an exceptionally good cook..... And I'm big boned!....
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    Pa-63, 9X18 regardless of the weather. I like the gun and it fits my carry style good, plus it shoots good for me.
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    Yepper, looks like you are big boned.

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    NE Utah
    Wouldn't work for him. 30 seconds twice a day just doesn't burn that many calories.:rolleyes:
  14. I have several different handguns i use for CC, so it varies by what I'll be wearing and where I'm going that day. Semi formal or slumming it, I have choices to cover both.

    First, let's start with me, as i am. 5'7 to 5'9 depending on which store I'm entering at that moment, 235 pounds. Wardrobe varies with weather, and i carry anything from a pocket pistol to a full size revolver.

    We'll go by warm and cold, also keeping in mind that OC is legal in my state.

    Hot days, mid June to mid September: CC RuGer LCP or LC9 for pocket carry, Springfield EMP, .45 ACP IWB, Ruger SP101 OWB with cover garment, both at 4:00 position or apendix. Full size if I am going somewhere that OC is accepted, Beretta M9, AMT Hardballer, Ruger GP100 6 inch, or the 686, OWb, cross draw with cover garment in cooler weather, IE, night time.

    Fall: All of the above, adding in a shoulder rig for the revolvers or the AMT, vertical, or a horizontal for the mid size options. Sometimes crossdraw.

    Winter: See Fall.

    Spring: Prety much any and all of the above.

    Sometimes I will carry the Jimenez JA Nine, as a mid-size option. It's big enough to aim, but small enough to lose under a shirt, plus, if it gets dinged up, it's only a $200 pistol. As for a good CC option for the OP, ruger LC9 or LCP. Maybe even an LCR, Pocket or IWB, S&W airweight .38, or a Charter Arms . 38 might work well for you.

    now I get that a revolver is not the tacticool option so many under the age of 40 like, but it does have an advantage over the SA options. You can change out the grip to a more rounded style, allowing it to blend with the body, but you are stuck with the cylinder width. either way it's a trade off.
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    Damn Bull....i think he likes you if hes willing to give it to you twice a day!!
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    For the cool Swedes in his collection, a change in lifestyle could be considered!....
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    I make up for it in RPMs......
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    Repetitive Pitiful Masturbation
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    Try carrying at the 1 or 2 O' Clock Position.
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    I'm a skinny dude also. :)

    I've found that I'm better off carrying the same firearm, in the same location, year round. Over the years, I've landed on a Taurus TCP in a Blackhawk #1 pocket holster; easy to get to the grip, but still covers the trigger. The TCP is small enough that I can withdraw it from my pocket somewhat sight unseen if I have a potential threat around me. (My hand and the TCP goes to my hip pocket and stays there until I feel in the clear.)

    Occasionally, I'll grab my KelTec PF9 and IWB carry, but that's not what I practice with much and would probably stumble/fumble more reaching for it than the Taurus TCP in my pocket.

    My conclusion is one firearm, one position, all the time. Then practice that one position until you are proficient. If you want extra capacity, then carry a spare magazine.