what is your favorite gun video?

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  1. I have probably seen this 10 times, and each time it pops up I cant help but watch the whole way through. Love the sound track with it too.


    So what is your favorite youtube shooting video?
  2. ..American 180

    Any video with an American 180 in it.

  3. you should post one, i dont know what that is
  4. FlashBang

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    The American 180 is a .22 full auto rifle that was used by Utah Prison tower guards. It fires so fast that the entire barrel is filled with rounds when dumping the magazine. Because of how fast it fires, it also has the ability to penetrate a bullet proof vest due to driving so many rounds through it at once. I have a buddy that owns one and I have fired it many times at the range when we do MG shoots. The biggest problems with it are keeping it fed and the pawl is plastic which can break. There is only one company that works on them and has parts anymore, E&L Manufacturing, and he is recognized as the expert on them.
  5. That is amazing. almost no recoil through 275rds.

    only feed it the good stuff, imagine that barrell full of rounds when one squibs!
  6. .

    THAT is my dream gun.
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    For a measly $12K you can get one. :D

  8. -working on it. ;)
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    No real favorites, love FPS Russia on YouTube and seeing all the stuff he blows up.
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    I like him too.... Whether it's real or contrived, he's a funny character.