what is your hi point round count?

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  1. dberry

    dberry Guest

    Thinking of getting my first hi point in 9mm or .380. What is your round count?
  2. 1inthechamber

    1inthechamber Member


    Sent gun in after 550 rounds due to light primer strikes and failure to fire's.

    Since I got the gun back, 900 rounds with 1 failure, FTE near the 200 mark.

    This is my second C9, the first one had somewhere around 2,500.

  3. more than 1500 on both C9 and 40. About 600 on 995.

    No issues anywhere.
  4. about 700 on C9 and 995
  5. 1motion

    1motion Guest

    i have around 1200 through my JHP .45 and havent had any type of failure, its dead accurate as well
  6. hipoint.nut

    hipoint.nut Member

    Over 2000, but I lost count.
  7. biganimal

    biganimal Guest

    1200 thru the 45 & 800 thru the 380 with no problems
  8. 562 without a problem 8)
  9. elguapo

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    Around 700, in my JHP.
    Had to polish feedramp, and adjust feed lips.
    I trust it with my life.
  10. Approximately 800 thru C9 and .40JC. Maybe a quarter that thru the carbines. Never had any issues.
  11. Ari

    Ari Guest

    around 3500 in my C9
  12. I have about 4500 out of my 995... give or take a few hundred.
  13. right around 1000 on the C9

    About 2500 through the 995

    +- few hundred

    1 FTF on the C9. (hit mag release)
    1 FTE on the 995 (was the 3rd round out of it)
  14. JasonJ

    JasonJ Member

    only about 300 through the 995.. must have an easy 1000 through the 45JHP now..

    the only failures to feed, eject or fire, that ive ever had were all the fault of old, defective, or damaged ammo. never have the guns themselves caused problems. quite happy.
  15. I stopped counting when my C9 hit 1,000. It is very reliable! I've had has many FTF/FTE as I can count on one hand in all that time. And, it's very accurate too... one of the most accurate firearms I own. I use it as my primary home defense, bump-in-the-night weapon.
  16. More than 1500 but less than 1600 is what I have on the C9. I replaced the striker spring at the 1200rd mark and intend to do so again at the 2400rd mark.

  17. In the last three year I have loaded over 55,000 rounds. The Hi-points (C-9, 4095, 995) get the bulk of it.
  18. 995 = just over 6k
    c-9 = well over 3k
  19. over 500 in my .40 and I quit counting, well honestly forgot :(