What kind of rails are on 4095ts?

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  1. I thought they were picatinny/weaver but I have 4 different items from different brands and none of them fit on the rails
  2. talon

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    They are "weaver/picatinny style".
    Not sure what you're trying to fit on them, but ive got all 3 of the HP carbine calibers and have never had an issue getting anything to fit on the rails.
    Some aftermarket accesories use huge bolts, that may require you to enlarge the slot slightly, but otherwise ive never had any issue.

  3. Magpul accessories a machined offset for red dot.. Scope rings.
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    I have a 4095 ts. QR attachment had a bolt with square shaft. Had to file out the slot on the rail so it would fit. Angled grip on the bottom had to use screw driver to get bolt through.
  5. Sounds good. If there's something I really need to get on top I'll probably just ordered a full length rail which I imagine is cut correctly.
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  7. I measured the space between rails - The HiPoint rails grooves are .155

    Found a scope mount in my box of junk that will work with the hipoint rails.
    I'll file a little off for my offset red dot... that should work. :)

    Thanks folks.
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    I installed a red/green dot reflex sight on my 4095 with no problem at all, plan on putting a bipod under the barrel.
  9. Yeah my trs25 went kn no problem.

    My PA CQB didn't. Aww. :)
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    I had to narrow the rails on all of my carbines for an AFG.
    They were all MagPul knock-offs, but same width. No big deal!
    About 5 min on a bench grinder and cleanup time, total. Includes
    removal and install, pretty much. Sneak up on it, test and try!

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    Who's the mfg? :confused:
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    Yo MoMma!!!!!!

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Ma makes an AFG? Not
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    Oh, the afg...
    I tried a MagPul, and 2 chinese knockoffs, same story...
    IMO the rails are too wide for a device that is a clamshell
    (that means splits in 2 halves, for m00nzie :D)
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    NE Utah
    I'm not certain, but my impression is, they are Weaver grooves, at Pic rail spacing.

    Weaver has a groove size, but no specific spacing. Pic, on the other hand, has specs for groove size, spacing and shape, IIRC.

    Pic grooves are bigger, as well.

    I think both are the same width.

    Rat tail file for round screws, flat file for true Pic style square slots.
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    I believe the rails are proprietary to HP's accessories. Some of the main stream accessories work & some of the cheaper eBay stuff don't. Remember a Dremel is a Hi Pointers BEST friend!