What makes an 'Expert'...?

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  1. Rerun

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    What qualifications are needed to make one person an 'Expert' in a given field?

    I was taught, long ago, that an EXPERT was a person who knew a lot about a given subject.

    Using that definition, many, if not most of us on this Website, could be considered 'Experts' in the firearms field. In one form or another.

    Thoughts, please.

  2. Expert.
    Breakdown into subparts
    Ex- hasbeen
    spurt- a drip under pressure

    LOL sorry, couldn't resist given the fun earlier ;)

    I much prefer the term "guru" :rolleyes:

  3. Bull

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    To me.... Experts are excellent in their field, AND smart enough to know they don't know everything in their field, and strive to keep learning....
    We all know the personality types...... I personally prefer an expert who says to me upon being asked a question, this is what I think, let me double check to be sure.... As opposed to the guy who just says, yup, that's it.
  4. Rachgier

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    It all varies on the subject at hand. I have given "expert" testimony at arson trials and to the grand jury. There are State Fire Instructors that have more firefighting and pump operator experience than I do but they consider me an "expert" at fire suppression using CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems) and pump operations because it is a completely different suppression technique when compared to straight water. My department considers me an "expert" level rescue technician based in my training.

    When I testified in front of a grand jury, and later at trial, for an assault case at a club I worked at; I was introduced as an "expert" witness and my expertise was proven by listing my combat training through the Corps, hours of training and certifications through NYS as a licensed security officer, and my position as a sworn fire police officer and fire investigator with my fire department.

    Would I consider myself an "expert" at firearms? No. Just because I qualified expert on the range with rifle and pistol doesn't make me an expert. It simply makes me an accurate shooter.

    By no means does an expert designation make a person the be all, end all of information of a particular subject either. It just means that they are well versed in the subject and their opinion holds a higher value when compared to Joe Schmo, even if Mr. Schmo is dead nuts on with his information.
  5. cicpup

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    An expert is someone who appears to know everything about something, yet never claims to.
  6. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    That's a damn fine summary.......
  7. Back2School

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    Well, I just trademarked the Term "expert" and now will be selling the rights to call yourself an "Expertâ„¢".

    Send your PMs directly to my inbox along with your you paid yearly subscription....
  8. At time each of us are the 'expert' and at other times each of us are the 'kindergarten'.

    For example: Most of the time, in a group of people, consider me an expert metal worker and ask me questions. But when I'm with one or more tool and die makers, I'm only asking numerous questions.
  9. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    Well luckily I call myself a facilitator of subject geniusosity, so I shall keep my money.
  10. SWAGA

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    You got that wrong....
    Expert is a self appointed title.

    From Florida:
    Y'all step back....I'm an expurt...

  11. cicpup

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    And that's your cue to grab a beer and watch them collect their Darwin Award.
  12. Bull

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    Ohhh now..... Obama reads off a TelePrompTer just fine....
  13. Always liked these

  14. SWAGA

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  15. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Expertly speaking, an expert is someone who can expertly provide sufficient information, whether relative or not, to convince the stupidest person in the conversion that they are correct, therefore establishing the proper amount of "uh huh" needed to be correct, and therefore deemed an expert.
  16. Considering that James Yeager calls himself an expert, it leaves a lot to the meaning.
  17. Rerun

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    This is the definition of a 'Classic Bullshyter' or, a 'Politician'...

  18. SteveC

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    In my line of work, you're an expert if the judge says you are.
  19. sdbrit68

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    I agree with some, expert is used way too often..........would you consider Eric Clapton an expert Guitar player ?

    because he doesnt
  20. osbornk

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