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  1. I am in need of new guns, yes need! (I am an addict) I was wondering what you guys might suggest, I am going to be getting a 995 next week and I picked up a 91/30 at the last gun show. I need something fun and cheap to shoot. I have lots of friends who are not gun owners but like to shoot and not enough guns to go around. I know I should tell them to get their own, but then I wouldn't "need" to buy more. I'm looking at a Henry H001T or a Taurus 64LAR, but I am open to other guns.

    P.S. Range pics and video coming soon, I figured out to work the camera.
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  3. If your looking for a plinker .22lr is the way to go.

    pistols or rifles!!!
  4. Plinker? Blah, go for an AR in .50Beowulf. KAPOW!
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    Get a C&R license. Buy older firearms, and ammo at a discount.
  6. I am gonna get my paperwork filled out for my C&R when I get home next weekend. That's a great idea though soupcan, those guns you suggested are good ones.
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    OK get a CZ 453 in 22lr really nice


    Or while you still can get a nice Rockriver AR


    Or a nice AK while you can

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    Fun and cheap = 9mm Taurus 24/7 or Kahr CW. Or if you don't mind an all metal gun, I would say an EAA Witness. Check out owner reviews here. www.gundirectory.com
  9. Fun and cheap to shoot. A good 22 (SA revolver or rifle) fits that bill nicely.
  10. My C&R is in the works. I think 50AE would be over kill, not to cheap to shoot. I have both a Taurus and a SA .22, and will buy more of both. I like the CZ but I have to consider price, I allow one gun above $350 once every three months(it's nice being single lol). I have looked into the 24/7,I want the OSS .45, but the next 9 will be a Hi Point. A K98 will be the next large cal. purchase. I have my " nice guns", then I have the guns anybody can shoot, I need more of the "yeah go ahead and shoot the piss outta it" type right now. As far as the buy while you can guns, boys I am for Ron Paul, so with any luck I will be able to buy anything I want.
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    Nice accessories, not too expensive, initiates newcomers to shooting sports with little recoil and darn little report. IE, its not scary.
  12. An AK of some sort would be a good buy right now, never know when big brother will stop their sales.

    Make sure you stock up on some ammo though, its just a stick with a knife on the end without ammo
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    I love my 10/22...but be sure if a 10/22 is what you go with, tell your buddies they are not "The Stuff" for handling the massive recoil of the .22lr... they got 12ga slugs in pistol grips to separate the men from the nutcases. :)
  14. Thanks for all the input guys. I went a little crazy at the shop. I ended up leaving with a Kel Tech SUB 2000, 995, and a Henry lever action. All this is really gonna put a damper on the gunshows next weekend, lol. Ah well still on the look out for a RIA 1911 maybe I'll get lucky.
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    You must not be married! That is all I am going to say about that little splurge.