What NOT to do at the range.

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    This was me 2 years ago, first time shooting my Hi-Point JCP.

    I am showing this as an example of bad range safety.

    This was my second trip to the range.

    Note: I put the weapon on Safe every time I lowered it.
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    :?: :?: :? :?: :?

  3. z71silverado98

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    somethings missing link? picture?

  4. Egzachry :lol:
  5. Another victim of Global Warming
  6. Well hey, this could be fun! Until he posts a link or a pic of his youthful indiscretion, lets guess at what it is!
    I'll go first:
    He used the fixed bayonet on an M44 crammed down the crack of his butt to scratch an itch...directly.
  7. He thought the overhead fluroscent lights made great targets.
  8. He thought it was a good tool to adjust how his underwear were bunching up.
  9. I am going to try and win the Nobel price by blaming global warming on all the politicians in Washington and their puppets placed in our states!!!!
  10. He couldn't reach that booger in his nose with just his finger.
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    Plugged his ears like this guy

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    This is me :p , this is me on drugs :shock: .
  13. He forgot his pistol.
  14. ^ local PD trainer told me he had a female sheriff deputy forget to bring her .357 sig ammo to a session. So she went to wal-mart to get some and came back with .357 magnum :lol:
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    Oh man! You guys roasting him for lack of a link? Jebus!
  16. We are waiting for him to post the link so we can tease him about that too :) (Just kidding GroundZero) hehehe
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    ahhhh you are all to funny. i have been laughing my arse off here.