What paint to use?

Discussion in 'Gunsmith shop' started by mexican_hippie, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Hi guys/girls. I'm new on this board, and to Hi Point. Saw there was an old forum but can't get to any of the old content to search. Also Googled, but cant find what I'm looking for.

    I'm thinking about painting my C9. I wanted to see what type of paint people have used, and how it's holding up. Any pics would be awesome too.
  2. Thayldt21

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    Welcome to the forum.

    i don't know much about the paintin but Look in some of the other threads.

    A few guys have painted there's so I am sure you willfind what you ae lookin for.

    Good luck

    And post pics after you finish.

  3. elguapo

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    Welcome aboard!
    Get ahold of Ari, the Duracoat king! He shows his projects, and they really show good results! :)
  4. Huggy

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    +1 to elguapo, ARI loves his Duracoat. Kinda depends what you want to do, and what you want to spend. There are some guys that have done their frames with Krylon Fusion, removed the finish from their slides for the chrome look... different ideas.
  5. +1 to all that has been said so far.

    It all depends on what you want, and what kind of look that you are going for. I remember from the old forum, the pics of the SKS or FAL or whatever it was, in a Tiger Stripe custom paint job that look absolutely outstanding! Personally, I am not there yet. I don't have guns that I am willing to modify to that point, as I have a couple of milsurps and the rest are all brand new. I haven't gotten my collection to the point where I am ready to bubbaize one.

    What I am basically trying to get at is, they way you've worded your questions really doesn't give us any real idea of what you have in mind. Go ahead and tell us what you would like to see as the end result and we will gladly point you in the right direction.