What powder meters consistantly with the Lee Auto Disk...

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  1. Topic says it all... and this is for pistol powders, mainly to be used in 9mm.
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    ball and flake powders are OK but finicky. SOme measures are also different. You could try calling Lee tech service and they can help you out. Personally i use a Lee perfect powder measure becuase it doesnt ball up with flake powders like most do.


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    I have had few problems with the Lee disk loader on any powder I have used.
    The secret is in consistant operation of the loader. Extra shock to the loader can cause some settling of the powder in the disk allowing more more to enter. This can cause as much as .2 to .4 grain variation in weight between loads, which is not acceptable.
    Operate the loader smoothly and don`t bang it around. Don`t use the first powder drop after messing with the loader or adding fresh powder. Use a scale and weigh loads under various conditions. Look at each case to insure the powder level is at least close. If in doubt, use the scale. Do not load without one.

    I have used 231, AA2, and AA5 and Trailboss with very consistant results for 9, 45, and my favorite .38/357.
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    cycle it

    I have found that if I change discs on mine, I do get variations for over a dozen rounds. If I am loading 9mm, I generally use a 38 case and cycle the powder dispenser several times, checking the weight of each load until they settle down. I think it has something to do with the static charges on the powder and plastic parts.

    I just use the longer 38 case as it is the same diameter as a 9 but is longer and easier to hold. I lower the arm so that the shell plate comes up and start checking loads I run the lever by hand.

    Someone mentioned that it is important to have the arm pull the powder disk all the way back. I think that is really important to have the spring on the return chain compress when you have the arm all the way up. If there is variation there you will have variation in your loads.
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    Re: cycle it

    Stick a couple used Cling-Free dryer sheets where they touch the powder despenser. That should disperse most static charges.
  6. After setting the micro charge bar, I always throw away the first five throws before I check the weight of the powder. After I have the weight set, I find the system to very consistent.
    I also set the weight of the charge with the hopper close to empty. I feel that this stabilizes the the throw better. I have very few problems when I set the disk system up this way.
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    I have not had any problem with any powders, but I do run about 5 through and then check them for constancy.