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Hello everyone,
I have been a lurker here for the last 6 months or so, and just became a member last night.
This forum is why I bought a new 995 over some of the other carbines. (MPA,Cobray,Marlin,model 92, ect)
i could not find any useful info on the other carbines,(execp the 92) other than what the manufactures would say on their websites. I wanted a carbine that was accurate, had the ability to mount optics, didnt weight a ton, and made in the usa buy a company that stood behind thier work. Lots of manufactures offer a life time warrenty, until they get bought out, or fold up. So i had the money in my pocket yesterday when I went to cabelas to pick up a few casses of 12 ga, had a chance to feel up the 995 , talked the guy behind the counter down 10 bucks, and walked out a proud owner of a black 995, no frills, and a box of mag tech for 200 bucks. I came home last night, broke it down(after watching the how to on you tube) and polished the feed ramp. I ran a bore snake through it a few times, took off the iron sights, installed the mount and a red dot scope. Took it to the range today and was some what surprized of the inherant accuracy out of it. i say some what because I have been a lurker for the last few months. It ran perfectly.
Now Im hooked. The red dot is nice, but not worthy of the accuracy at 50 yards or so.
now i need a scope, preferably a fixed power, but cant decide on a fixed 4 power or a fixed 6 power.
i was looking at the optics world web site, and the ncstar compact scopes. what do you think?
This rifle will only be used at the range, or perhaps to dispatch a ground hog or 2, ( if the pa game wardens arent around) out to 75 yards or so.
The name is Roland, I expect to be spending some time in the forum for a while to learn what I can, and use what i learn.
Thanks to all who can help me out.

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Hey Roland! Welcome to the forum. I'm a newbie here too. Great forum....you can gather alot of help and info here! As for scopes.....I lurked around around some different sites, and found at Combathunting.com a fairly decent NcStar 4x P4 sniper recticle scope with red and green recticles and rubber armoured. Cost was pretty fair at $55 and it seems thus far it performs well and it also looks good mounted on the 995. Its about 7.5 inches in length and does'nt look to overwhelming for the gun. Go to the site and give it a peek and see what ya think. I'll be posting a couple pics here in a couple days when I get the camera functioning. Good luck and happy plinkin........the 995 is an awesome piece of hardware!! 8)
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