What round to use for controlled practice?

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    I am new to to weapons (see Welcome Aboard!) and have a q. about what round is best to use for controlled practice of 9mm and .45. I'm looking for less kick. I've tried 115 9mm and 230 .45 but have nothing to compare it against. Thanks!
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    im confused what you're looking for..

    but .22lr is the cheapest round out there and is great for plinking and target practice. it has almost no kick at all.

  3. Well, I haven't noticed a significant difference, but I know that .45 cal is pretty easy to find in both 185 grain and 230 grain. In theory, the 185 grain would have less kick. I have not fired them side by side so I can't say whether it's noticeable, but... yeah.

    However, I would recommend that you practice with the bullet weight that you are going to use for defense. Kind of silly to get used to shooting 185gr bullets and then use 230gr for home defense.

    So, for what it's worth, there's my input.

    (I can't comment on 9mm as I don't own one and have very rarely shot one.)
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    Shoot what you carry or at least as close to it as you can
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    If anything you want to shoot heavier at the range than you hope to in a self defense situation...

    Kind of like the Baseball player swinging the weighted bat before stepping up to the plate... makes swinging the naked bat a lot easier.
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    Hmmmm. Good info. Thanks for your help.
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    Practice with the same caliber and weight of bullet that you carry! You are going to have enough stress and things to think about if you ever have to use it. You want the weapon and ammo to always be the same as you want these things to be the last thing you have to think about on that day. So do not practice with a 45acp if you carry a 9mm. I carry 9mm 125gr HP I practice with a 9mm 125gr LRN. They both move about the same speed down range. I have two carry guns and I practice practice practice with both. Any extra shooting you do for practice will help. (like a 22lr) but this will not replace practice with your carry gun.
  8. agree - if you're arming for defense - practice with the gun and the ammo you'll be defending with.