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    So I am graduating from college and my parents want to get me somethint special(bro got a watch when he graduated), I am choosing to get a gun of course. I've "narrowed" it down to a small list. I am between a target pistol or a carbine. I already have 3 9mm carbines(feather rav-9, kel-tec sub-2000, and HP 995) but I sort of want another.
    Here is my list
    Feather rav-22
    Masterpiece arms .45 or 9mm sidecocking carbine
    Wilkinson Linda pistol or Linda/Terry carbine
    Lusa Carbine

    CZ SP01
    EAA Witness Elite 9mm
    Taurus Longslide.

    I'm trying to keep it under $800....give me your input please. Thanks!
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    That, really depends on you, dude. What do you think you would be doing more with the new firearm? Would that make you happy, having the new firearm with the idea of using it that way, or what? Sorry to sound like running in circles, but it still stands.....

    (Btw: what kind of watch did your bro get for graduation?)

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    I know its a big decision, I originally was going to get a PS90 but have since decided I would probably rarely shoot it, hence the reason I am now looking for something in 9mm. I sort of think I am leaning towards the Masterpiece Arms carbine.

    My brother was given a Movado for his graduation.
  4. You can always use a .22 for plinking... good to have, esp with ammo prices always rising. Cheap way to practice :).
  5. I know it's out of you price range (by about 10X) but maybe you could let them off the hook for future gifts for a long time to come:


    I was looking at one at the gun show yesterday and really would like to be able to afford one. Just imagine being the guy who can hit a target at 2000 yards!
  6. I really like the way the Linda carbine looks and feels. If you want one, I know of one for sale at my local dealer.

    He is asking 650 for it. If you want it, I bet he could give it to you for less than that. Maybe 575-600?

    If you are interested, let me know and I will forward you his info.
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    bobotech, I might be interested, what kind of condition is it in? My main problem with buying a Linda is that I don't know of a good source for mags. I am pretty sure that they use 30 round hi-power mags but have been unable to find a definitive answer to that. I do like Wilkinson stuff though, I've got a little Wilkinson Sherr(.22 pocket pistol) and while it does jam sometimes, it is very well made.

    Right now I am leaning towards the CZ SP-01 or EAA Witness Limited.....but who knows. Thanks for the input guys, more input is welcome.

    I have strongly considered getting a .50bmg but the closest range to shoot it at is about 4 hours away, so it would be kind of difficult to shoot it, plus the cheapest AR upper .50's go for 1200 bucks.
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    Well I ordered the CZ SP-01 from my dealer along with an Insight M-6 laser/light combo. His price on the CZ was too good to pass up $435. I figured for 600 bucks I could get a nice tactical setup and still save money over the Witness limited. I'll post a range report after I shoot it, which may not be for a month or so.
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    CZ spo1 nice weapons
  10. Why not a 5.56 carbine? You can get yourself (or in this case let them get you) a very nice bone stock AR that you can build up with all the goodies as you make money.

    Also, it will be a nice investment... cause the way things are going, it will only go up in value.
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    I'm all set for 5.56 carbines. I've got a 16" DPMS heavy barrel, a 20" Olympic A-2, and a Ruger Mini-14.
    I've got all the bases covered, now I am just getting more fun stuff. you can never have too many toys.
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    well it looks like I got two guns(graduation gifts from college). I got a CZ SP-01 with Insight M6 light/laser and a Cobra Patriot 45. I don't have either of them yet but it shouldn't be too long. I'm pretty excited to get them, I handled the cobra at the Shot Show and I was pretty impressed with the quality it appeared to have. I have also read very good reviews other than the fact it is somewhat incapable of firing hollow points. Anyway, I'll let you guys know how I like them.