What the [email protected]#% is going on!!!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Dagwood, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Dagwood

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    This world is going to [email protected]#$ in a handbasket!! We now have 2 recent beheadings of American citizens (not the only beheadings of American citizens) and they talk about it on the news like " And now, in other news, another beheading of an American, and now for the weather...." Where is the outrage!! are we that de-sensitized and de-masculated that we just accept this as the way it is now? Where is the president? This is rediculous!!! Even the Prime Minister of Great Britain came out today with strong words! Too little too late, the most popular name in Great Britain currently is Muhamed! WTF!!!! Something has got to change!! I don't know the answer, but this is very very bad!!!
  2. planosteve

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    The problem is there is nothing the current administration will do about the ISIS. They were warned over a year ago about them and the only thing our fearful leader will do is talk. The ISIS does not understand talk they only understand force.

  3. Correct me if im wrong.

    But when i was a kid in movies the bad guys would always say "Crap, we kid napped an american?!"
    because they new knew an american went missing, america came looking.

    Was that ever true? How long have these poor guys been kidnapped? and no one but there family's can give a flying f*ck? Now there getting beheaded and whats obama say? Send more troops.

    How about a message more like this

    "Give up everyone you have captured in the next 48 hours, or we will bomb every suspected ISIS strong hold"
  4. SWAGA

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    Well you're wrong there.
    This current administration is working diligently on the ( soon to occur) annihilation of ISIS.
    Any tactics will obviously not be shared with the media.
    Several European allies will have to get on board, Britain being one of them.
    Yesterday the leader of Al- Shabaab was targeted in a US drone strike.
    It takes some time to get the intel but ISIS leaders are next.

  5. I have to take a screen shot of this, SWAGS posting fox news links. Makes my heart smile
  6. bluharley

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    1: Americans are sick of war
    2: Americans are sick of war.

    If Obama does something, we'll b!tch. If he does nothing, we'll b!tch.
  7. geekandwife

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    So its the presidents fault when troops die in combat missions, and its the presidents fault when people die because we pulled out of combat missions...
  8. MachoMelvin

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    repent now - the end is nigh!!!
  9. Dagwood

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    Where is our American pride? Where is our American exceptionalism? Do we have to wait till this violence rears it's ugly head on our soil again before we wake up and demand action? Our embassy in Iraq has already fallen, isn't that american soil? What about Ambassador Stevens? We're sick of war so we just give up? Pack up our marbles and go home? How's that workin out?
  10. Bull

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    Funny..... I bet you blamed Bush the whole time for what you just stated...
  11. geekandwife

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    Are you signing up to go over there and fight? We are now in year 13 of fighting in Afghanistan. That's longer than we were fighting the Civil War, WW1 and WW2 combined. And what have we managed to do in that time, pretty much damm near nothing of long term value. Add that to Iraq, and the WW3 brewing in the Ukraine. It might be smart for us to fall back and regroup. Our American Pride doesn't mean we deserve to go anywhere in the world we want and do what ever we want.
  12. geekandwife

    geekandwife Good ole Boy Member

    If its Obama's fault that the people got beheaded then it is Bush's fault 9/11 happened.... Its Clintons fault Kosovo happened... ect.. ect...
  13. I seem to remember a lot of bush blaming.
    But i was only 11 what does a kid know.
  14. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    Like I said...... Bet you were chiming in when the shoe was on the other foot....
  15. papataylor

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    The only difference being those wars you mentioned were full blown destroy everything wars.

    The war in Afghanistan and Iraq are too concerned with unnecessary killings/destruction/political red tape.

    If you want to end a war, you kill enough of the bad guys and tear enough of their house apart to make them lay down and quit. We aren't doing that. Sure, we've killed a lot of them. But until we go in full dick and make examples of them and stomp on the ruins of their terrorist playhouse and control their country, this will continue to happen.

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  16. and Obama plays golf.

    He is worthless as a president. He makes 'murica look weak.

    I don't know what he should do, but golfing is not the answer.

    I did not get elected to lead. If I did I'd have a plan.
  17. geekandwife

    geekandwife Good ole Boy Member

    Do you do nothing but work 24/7?
  18. I didnt campaign to be the president of the USA.

    Tell you what, My boss works every damn day, skipped his boys birthday.

    Know what he says

    " i work a lot, but if i want to be at the top, and raise the company to the top thats what it takes."

    Obama was hired into this job, as if everyone dosnt hear about how stressful it is? Its part of the f*cking description.

    Do the job 4 years at a time. if you cant hack it, dont ask for it again.
  19. geekandwife

    geekandwife Good ole Boy Member

    I am not talking about just stress. It would kill anyone to do 4 years of 24/7 work. I am sure even your boss has some downtime. You are holding him to a standard we have never held a President to. Lets look at the most recent president before Obama, Bush spent 33% of his presidency on vacation. 977 days spent on vacation. You know taking an afternoon to golf doesn't look nearly as bad in comparison. And keep in mind this was during a time that we were in active ground combat in 2 different countries and suffered the worst attack on our soil in 50 years. So is playing a few rounds of golf really that bad in comparison?
  20. Hermitt

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    The things that are important to the current 'Commander In Chief' is attending fundraisers, playing golf and hobnobbing with celebrities at cocktail parties. He is a 'Campaigner In Chief', a 'Divider In Chief' and the farthest thing from a Leader that this country has ever witnessed.

    Why the h#ll do we elect senators to be President in the first place? This country needs a military General to be in charge. The first step for any successful country is to fortify the stronghold and protect it's citizens. And not trying to be a hollyweird celebrity.

    BTW.... Bush only played 24 rounds of golf in his entire 8 year term. Mr Slacker has played nearly, (or now over) 200 rounds just on the links. This does not count all the countless hours of cocktail parties, private concerts (with celebrities) and constant fundraisers.