What the ????

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  1. xtreme1ky

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  2. If i had a hideous looking poodle shooter I would hide my face too. That is just ridiculous.
  3. That's just absolutely nuts. LMAO!!
  4. urotu

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    Beat me too it, hahaha....

    That was the first thing I thought too.
  5. That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!
  6. Anyone want to guess what that night scope is worth? I know the Gen2 ones aint cheap. I would love to put one on one of my rifles but never can pony up that kind of money at one time
  7. If he was a real mall-ninja he'd have this:


  8. LOL good one NDS some people just get too carried away with the gun bling
  9. XD

    The ultimate real life "Tacti-COOL"
  10. He's going to have to sell it in parts to get his money back out of that one. :shock: :shock:
  11. condition1

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    Isn't that the guy who killed Daniel Pearl?

  12. neothespian

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    Dear. God.


    I mean, let's think about who would REALLY use this thing? Do these tools realize that a massive amount of accessories do NOT make the gun fire better? Sure, a scope is nice. Perhaps a little flashlight if you REALLY have a problem with dark spaces or a bit of a laser sight. But, dude....what MORE do you really need?? It looks like you need 5 hands to operate everything on that.

    My only question is if it gets WiFi and if it has a Frappe setting on it?
  13. Jettster

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    Haha, I bet I could get him with a throwing knife even before could balance it on his knee and lean down to cock all 75lbs it.
  14. Weird. There's such a thing as too much time on one's hands I think.
  15. Ridge

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    I love the random pistol grip sticking out of the side...

    However, he will also say in the description it is full auto and is legal to transfer without paperwork to anybody who buys it...
  16. AndrewST

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    Ahahahahaha. This thread has made me laugh so much!