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What to buy?????

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I owned a Taurus PT111 M-Pro and that's what I voted for. It's makes an excellent choice for a sub compact 9mm due to the small grip frame. Make sure your hand fits the grip though because some guys with large hands do not like it that well. The ONLY reason I got rid of my PT111 M-Pro is because I have nerve damage in my trigger finger and the M-Pro had a very light let off on the trigger. A 4# and 8# trigger feel the same to me, so I felt it safer for me to have something with a heavier trigger than on with a light trigger.

Since you will be in a really hot environment I would suggest a polymer frame gun, this will reduce the chances of frame rust due to body sweat while concealed carrying. I have a Bulgarian Makarov and decided to go with a Poly Frame/Stainless slide for this very reason.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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