What to do in a 'stand off' situation..

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  1. It seems like there's always a 'stand off' situation in the local news lately.Someone has mental issues,is intoxicated,or just angry and starts threatening people with a weapon.Police are called in and SWAT gets involved.
    Now LEO wants to evacuate the nearby homes,say a whole city block around the area.They knock on my door and tell me whats going on and that I'll have to evacuate my home.
    I say no,this is my home/property and I have the means to protect myself.I'll stay aware of the situation,keep my doors locked and stay in my home until the threat is gone.Its that simple to me.LEO repeats that I have to leave my property.I refuse.I'm not the criminal and this is my home.I'm not leaving.

    Now what?
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    Good question. I have no answer.

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    We ask you leave your property in case said person has more than a gun...explosives etc. It's safety protocol. Let us know how it turns out
  4. If it ever happens,I sure will.I'm responsible for my safety on my property.Like I said,its that's simple.IMO.
    Just wanted to know everybody else's opinion on this.
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    I tried to look for similar cases to what you are describing and can't find anything. That said you are normally asked to leave just in case your neighbor has explosives etc... you never know. Let us know how it goes
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    Stupid kindle didn't show my first post!!!! Sorry for the repost
  7. In Boston they forced people from their homes at gun point. While I support rights, it is not worth getting shot. The issue can be settled later in court, or with a settlement.
  8. Boston bombing as an example?Is that the standard now? Now we're all suppose to just let LEO decide whats safe for us and whats not?
    I guess I'm from the old school of thought.Independence and self reliance,let alone the USA Constitution.
  9. I completely agree, but it is up to the individual if it is important at that time to die. In that situation I would make my objections known, make it clear that the action was NOT consensual. And most importantly RECORD.

    Keep in mind that if the police force their way in you may get shot, killed, or arrested. And they will still have ejected you from your home, and probably enter it.

    If you record you can get your day in court. Most likely they will settle, as has been the pattern.

    Using force to voice your objections is not a wise idea, IMO.
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    just go out for some mcdonalds or something.
  11. Go ahead.Eat hearty.

    I'll feed the LEO some real food for awhile until the event is over.But I'm not leaving my property. 3rd A
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    you don't live next to my neighbors they probably do have something that will explode.

    I don't agree with walkingwolf often but today i do doccument video whatever it takes but those leos your talking about are already in a high stress environment and the chances of stupid happening are greatly increased as their stress level goes up. big city situations may have highly trained swat officers who are used to the situations. My rural situation probably has some fat out of shape guy with a .357 on his hip thats never seen anything like this before and he's keyed up and nervous.
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    BlackBart is right as a lawfull Constitutional citizen in his home to make decisions Regarding the safety of his life. I make a mean Pico de Gallo served with beef tacos and a spicy cheese dip. All LEOs are welcome. It would be my pleasure to serve them. But I am not leaving my home.
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    Haha talk about explosions, if I ate McD's there would be explosions!:p
  15. Its got nothing to do with a 'fat out of shape guy with a .357 on his hip',it's about being responsible and knowing your rights.
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    take the scenario that your at home with your children the guy in the neighbors house has a hostage in your neighbors house he feels the need to pop off a few rounds. the responsible for you and yours thing is to get your children to a safe location. Walls may stop a bullet or may not I personally would rather leave my home and posessions without me to ensure that my children were as safe as possible. When the already nervous cop comes to my door and asks me to leave then I'll probably comply just to keep from argueing and escalating an already tense situation.

    Now If they come to search my property for someone without a warrant that would be a different situation.
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    Is there anyway they can MAKE you leave?
    Can I take my treasured gun collection with me?
    Who is responsible if anything is damaged or stolen?
    Can I have 1st "Dibbs" in a closed room with the suspect for my inconvenience?
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    NE Utah
    I've got no evidence either way, but I think in some places, the police would simply arrest you, for your own good and to keep you safe, and you'd have to go with a civil suit later.:rolleyes:

    In my AO, and others I'm sure, the cops would say, OK, we warned you, now keep your eyes open, your head down, and call if you see anything.:)

    Which is how it should be.

    Oh...our fat out of shape LEO's are carrying Glocks, as are the skinny ones, the buff ones, and all the rest of them.;)
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    i used my local fat out of shape leo who provides his own gun and sweet uncle mikes duty holster as a shining example of the breed. granted the only thing he ever gets exited about would be a roll of scratch off tickets but anything is possible.
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    Depending on the situation you could be legally arrested and charged. There is no singular answer of yes or no, the circumstances surrounding the mandatory evacuation request/order are going to determine the legality and possible consequences.