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    Those who know me may remember my strong desire for a RIA 22TCM 1911. Well the CIC has green lighted the plan after several super hero saves around here recently. I've earned it. Trouble is I'm not so convinced anymore.

    The brains that be the gun gurus predict the 22TCM is a SWAP. (Solution Without A Problem) I've always understood this, but let my thrill for the rocket fast pistol round in a cheap gun sway me. Besides, as I always said, it's also a 17 round 9mm. It will never be worthless. But now that the time is near I'm waivering.

    It'll take 700 bucks to get a gun in hand, and I'll have to go through the net to get it. For that I can buy an entry level forged frame 1911 in ACP that will also shoot 45 Super. I already have the stuff to load Super. It's still kind of two loads in one gun. And 1150 fps of 230 grain 45 might compete quite well with 2100 fps 40 grain. It'll be a much better bear gun, and I still have the 22LRs and 22mags. for rabbits.

    The only draw back is: At this time (I traded my JHP for a muzzle loader) I have not one single centerfire auto loader, not one. I kind of think I've gone off the deep end there. In 2015 a gun guy ought to have a hi cap auto loading pistol for defense. There is no question in my mind 17 +1 22TCM is a great SD load, and the same load out in 9mm needs no explanation.

    On the other hand 8 +1 45 Super is 2 more than 7 357mag. It's an upgrade! And I'll bet more fun to shoot. But maybe not...
  2. 22tcm is more expensive then 45 in most cases . It's 29 bucks a box here in il and it's not sold most place's

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    I hear ya, brother.

    I've never been a .45ACP man or a 1911 guy. In fact, I just got my first 1911 and have yet to shoot it (or even clean the shipping gunk yet).

    But I've been watching the .22TCM with high interest since it first came out. It looks like a really nifty idea and I'm still enamored with my CZ52 in 7.62x25. If Remington ever releases the R51 in .357SIG (as was vaguely hinted at one time) it's on my "must have" list. I was rooting for the .32NAA and the .25NAA to take off, though they never really did. The .22TCM seems like a similar concept but also seems to be positioned better that the NAA bottle-necks, ideally suited to compete with the FN 5.7 round.

    If I was a 1911-in-any-caliber guy, a .22TCM conversion would be on my "must have" list.

    I can definitely see the appeal.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    That was one of the big problems with the NAA bottle-necks.

    But Duster is a reloader. If he opts for this caliber, he'll just buy the right components and load his own.

    Peace favor your sword,
  5. I think it would be a great combo with a carbine....... but there aren't any carbines in that yet.

    Honestly if you are not recoil sensitive why is the 22TCM better than the 9mm out of a pistol?

    And I know you can handle recoil you are MR. Bear gun .357MAG.

    I would vote for the 9rd. 45 super

    or... you know .460 rowland

    BTW. Nice to see you hanging around here.
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    OH NO! So I go out looking. At my favorite shop Frank has am M1 Garand on the self at a price that I can't ignore.

    You likely can't help cause I'm about ready to jump right back in the truck. It's a 55 H&R Korean return with a springfield bolt so it's a mismatch. Comes with 10 clips about 150 rds of ammo and he only wants 825 bucks! There are two tiny pits in the bore about 2 inches from the muzzle, but other wise it's a sharp rifle and I've always wanted one. I think the 1911 is going to have to wait again.
  7. SWAGA

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    It's calling your name.....clearly.
  8. An m1 sure is a nice gun. And if it is mismatched and destined to be a shooter they have even more character.

    Have you looked at the .460 Rowland conversions? The charts I saw had them putting more ft lbs on target than a 44mag
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    Not bad if the gun is in decent shape. A couple of rust spots need to be taken care of quick. If your going to use it not hang it on the wall refinish it I've seen them blue a nice black that goes good with a nice satin finish.
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    Hopefully you won't see this reply until you get back from the LGS with your Garand. ;)
    Go get it if you haven't already.

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    NE Utah
    $825 for a Garand isn't really high...and it's not like they are making more of them.
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    WHAT TO DO, by the Drifters:

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    It's in my grubby little hands. I just finished a quick clean up and lube. The bore is nice except for those two tiny pits. The gun was clean which is not normal from that shop. It's been cared for. Gotta find a manual online so I can tear it down for inspection and clean up. Then it's range time baby! I'll have to tool up to load 06, because I'm gonna want to shot this a lot.
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    Congrats, we'll need pics lol
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  16. duster066

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    And get rid of the import stamp eh?
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    Enjoy it buddy.
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    I do make a M1 cleaning mat... diagram and parts list!
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    I like NM barrels.