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Some time ago I bought 1000 pieces of 7.62x39 brass. I started the process of turning 500 of them to 6.5 Grendel. I sized them and primed them. That’s as far as I got, did not fire form them. I got out of the 6.5 business. They were all large primers and I needed the primers for some other cartridges, so I decamped them. Got 500 Winchester large rifle primers just that easy.

But now what about the brass. Maybe I should turn them back into 7.62x39 brass. That’s what I did. I had an attrition rate of about 10%, so I ended up with about 450 cases. I chose 5, primed them and fired them. No problems. Then I loaded those 5 and fired them again. Then I loaded 4 (the brass fairy got 1) and fired them. No problems.

I was shooting a mild load using AA1680 that was pushing the Lee 3121602R bullet gas checked and sized to .311 to a smidgen over 1800 fps. the process was to take the reformed brass and flair it to accept the cast bullet. Prime the brass, drop the powder and seat the bullet. accuracy at 50 yards was just ok with the Polish Radom AK. About 2".

All my loading was done using the Lee Reloading Stand that I got for my birthday. The Lee Reloader Press attached to the stand. The rest of the brass, but I don’t have enough 1680. Thinking about trying some 300 BLK, I hear that’s a good powder for the cartridge. Probably IMR 4227 though. A powder that I have used in the cartridge before with success.
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