What to expect as far as rusting on the 995

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  1. I've read on other forums that rusting is a problem on the 995 and I wanted to know what to expect before I pick mine up on Tuesday. Just trying to cut the problem off before I have it and then have to fix it ! Let me know what you do to keep it from happening or even if it is a problem.
  2. I have had no problem with rusting on the ones that I have, the outside bolt cover and the inside of the barrel can use a light coat of something like wd40 every now and again to help keep rust from starting.

    About everything else on the rifle is a alloy that does not rust

    Of course if you take the rifle out in the rain, a good wipedown should be done of all metal parts

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    Normally I would never find myself having a diffence of oppinion than waltham41, how ever, I would not suggest WD40 on a firearm unless you know where to use it and where not to.
    WD40 is an organic lubricant and prone to breakdown. Also if used in the barrel and not cleaned out prior to use the flash flame that it COULD produce can lead to unexpected heating of the barrel.
    I would instead suggest a synthetic lube like CLP or cylicone based lubes.
    Properly maintained and cleaned, as all firearms should be, on a regular schedule you should have no problems from ANY weapon rusting.
  4. Never had a problem with rust. But if you do use you HP on a regular basis, WD40 will work, I don't know if I would store for long periods of time with just a coating of WD40. I usually us a light coating of gun oil if needed.
  5. You make a good point blkhwkfxr, I am just going on personal experiences, I have been using WD40 on my weapons for more years than I can remember and it has always done me well.

    A light coat and if they are not used often, check them every 6 months or so and unless you live in a humid environment, you should be good to go.

    Some of my milsurps have 0% bluing on them and I do not experience any trouble with rust.

    As far as in the bores, I just moisten a patch with it and run it through, not heavy but enough to put a layer on the metal.

    I have CLP but always seem to go back to WD40, I guess because it is what I was raised using.
  6. I'll probably use one of these items

    and I know head to head it out performs WD40 and neither is flammable, I sell it to the Military and I have a number of cans laying around. But I might paint the gun with our High temp paint, haven't decided yet since I don't pick the 995 up until Tuesday.


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    I've had severe rusting problems on my guns in the past here. Our home is not air conditioned, so the humidity can be very unpleasant in the summer. I have not seen anything on my 995 that wasn't comparable to my other rifles. The only place I've seen it on my 995 was on the received cover and inside the barrel. Swiping the barrel with a lightly oiled swab took care of it. There was one spot on the receiver cover that I used x-fine steel wool on, but I had to do that to almost the entire barrel of my M1917 (the bluing is very poor at this point, need to have it redone). And yes, I do rub down exposed parts with an oiled swab before storage (Hopps gun oil). I saw nothing at all on my JHP.
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    Yeah, I live in humid-arse western Kentucky, I so tend to invest in 000 steel wool and gun oil.

    I need to get one of those de-humidified gun safes.
  10. I live it the southwest corner of Georgia, the humidity here is always a problem.