What to get next....C9 or Heritage .22

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  1. shelbyzman

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    I currently have a Makarov and a Taurus PT-22.

    Next pistol choices......(prices are very similar, so this isn't an issue)

    The Heritage .22 revovler-----
    I love how cheap it is to shoot the .22 and the idea of a revolver is kind of fun and nostalgic..
    I do already have a pt-22 for plinking, but it is quite a bit different than a 6.5" barreled revolver when it comes to overall feel and accuracy.


    The Hi-point C9-----
    The C9 will work with my 995 mags and it is a larger caliber than my .380
    I wouldn't mind having one more pistol that is of a larger caliber in case something happened to my Makarov.
    The cons of the C9 are that the Makarov I already have is very, very reliable. And...I know I won't shoot the C9 as much as the .22 because it cost so much more and money is tight. I wouldn't mind having another pistol that is of a larger caliber....

    Give me your opinions :D
  2. hipoint.nut

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    I vote for the Hi-Point C9 or maybe a FEG PA-63 to go with your Mak.

  3. c-9. More firepower.