what to look for when buying a used hi point?

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  1. just what the title says. i might hit the pawn shops on tuesday to see what i find ( hopefully a nice used c9 for cheap. lol. i just bought a new one about a week ago. ) but what should i look for? also ive been lurking at different threads and i have seen these rubber like covers on the grips of some pistols. what are they called and where to buy them? they look comfortable and look like they offer a good grip.
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    Price, Seriuosly.

    There is a great warranty on these fire arms. And if you check the threads you will see that beemiller suggest you send in a used gun and let them go threw it just in case.

    Other than that, I would say make sure it looks as new as possible feels to function smoothly and has no apperent flaws.

    Check the fire pin to be sure it is not bent or broke.

    Check for obvius sighns of abuse.

    However If when you get it home and it does not function flawlessly please check some threads for some advice to give it a little TLC.

    And if after the TLC don't work SEND IT IN. BEEMILLER will do you right.

    happy shopping

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    i use a hogue grip in olive drab as my slip-on grip, i use the one for medium size handguns.

    and definatly send it in to beemiller if you buy a used one. no sense taking any chances
  4. Thayldt pretty well covered most of the bases, Hi Point does encourage the sending in of used weapons so they can go through them to make sure that they are in good working condition.

    You really cant loose with a used Hi Point weapon as long as you get it at a good enough price to help cover your expenses of sending it in.
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    Good answer Thayldt!

    I +1 what he said LOL :D
  6. If this is the grip you are referring to, it is nothing more than a bicycle inner tube cut to fit. Cheap and effective.

  7. innovation is a wonderful thing....that inner tube looks great.
  8. so hi point will honor a warranty even if you buy it used at a pawn shop, right? thats sounds cool. today i stopped at another gun shop just to check out prices and daaamn, way to expensive compared to net prices on glocks and other brands. they dont carry hi point since according to the sales guy people dont like the heavy feel of the gun. whatever. anyways, now i cant wait to find one. im assuming $100 is a good deal for a used one since i paid $189 for the c9 i bought new. even if i would have gotten it through the net for say $120 plus shipping plus the background check plus the charge of the dealer to receive it kinda evens out. i was stuck with that price since theres only one hi point dealer here. as for the grips thats a a really good idea i would imagine it gets slippery in the summer with the grips not covered.
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    The warranty is good as long as the reciever is there and in one peice pretty much. I have yet to here of them turning away a costomer. You should look at the UNICORN SEASON thread.

    I think the gun is heavy, But I am not a scale. LOL
    I think 120 ALL said and done is decent.

    I dont use grips so I cannot comment. Grips are for sissies, JOKE.

    I just never looked into it.

    Good luck
  10. You can either buy houge or Pachmyr slip on grips for you Hi-Point i put one on my sigma 9mm makes a world of difference.
  11. i wonder if anyone has ever tried to make a mold from a grip then re-cast it in hard rubber or some other suitable material.....or maybe even whittle one out of walnut or something if you have the skills needed (which i don't, unfortunately)....
  12. Make sure it doesn't look like this:


    Though even if it did, you could just ship it back and get it fixed lol.
  13. Damm 4095, that gave me a headache! ;)
  14. What can I say, I try...

  15. :shock: :shock: Looks like Bubba started working on pistols!
  16. My c9 cost me 119 out the door last week
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    4095 that was great, Gotta good laugh man.