what to put in Faraday Cage

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  1. I am getting my Faraday Cage almost finished IMHO North korea or Iran will pull some crap sooner or later .

    1. just picked up small 10" used laptop and 1tb small hard drive
    2. small power inverter
    3. Eaton Scorpion II solar crank radio ,lamp
    4. solar led lantern
    5. 3 cree flash lights 1K lum
    6. solar phone charger and 3 usb light sticks
    7. electronic parts for old 86 truck

    what else am i forgetting
  2. missiledefender

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    Maybe a old CB Radio set up?

    All of your official documents on a memory stick/thumb drive?

  3. cicpup

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    Rechargeable MP3 player filled with your best post-apocalyptic mix.

    Digital camera w/ spare memory cards. If you're the only one who can document happenings afterwards you could make some nice $$.
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    My cell phone. Today.
  5. Not2ManyGuns

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    Some sort of camping/portable water filtration system not necessary the following but something similar to this:


    Premium Faraday Cage Metalized Zip-top resealable ESD Bags - EMP Protection to protect any electronics, flash drives, and mp3 files:


    Also Three books:

    The 954 page book titled:
    The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival


    Since TV or Internet will probably not be available, for nightly entertainment:
    Binocular Astronomy


    And a Scofield Reference Bible
  6. Outlaw

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    Extra batteries for everything you stuff in there that uses them. Small TV w/dvd player. (only if you have electricity source) You may be able to pick up a station or two depending on the EMP blast.
    Also, a great source of info, and a decent story; get the book "One Second After". Excellent informative read. Tells ya what's gonna happen and what to do when the US is set back 100 years in one second due to an EMP ;)
  7. rmuniz9336

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    Small Solar panel and equipment needed to tap power from it.
  8. One Second After one of my favorite books:)
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    NE Utah
    I still don't think an EMP will do 90% of the damage the doomsday prophets think it will. They've done tests, even the modern all electronic but gas powered cars, IF they even stop, just start right back up and run fine. Haven't seen any tests on a Prius or Leaf...I'd love to see the results of one.

    All the little stuff...if it isn't plugged in, it's mostly not affected. If it is plugged in, it might be affected. Or, it might not.

    There may be issues with the power grid, cell systems, etc. Major issues.
    But people lived just fine without any of that, and the reality is, it won't take years to get things turned back on, because the people that would make it work are adaptable and creative. The "experts" have gotten it wrong nearly every single time they predicted anything big, and I don't see that changing.

    The experts said we'd never fly, we'd never go over 45 mph, we'd never dive below 40 feet without a pressure suit and air, never make it to the moon...I could go on, but you get my point, right?

    I'm not sweating it. That stupid book has made a lot of people lose all semblance of intelligence, but the fact is, people aren't as stupid as that author thinks, and stuff won't be as bad as that.:rolleyes:
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    NK or Iran or Israel, there won't be much EMP, they gotta explode big way high (no blast damage) for that to be a significant factor if the blast isn't nearby. And stuff that isn't plugged in or connected to long wires will probably be ok, even against a Carrington Event (1859 solar flare that broke much of the electrical tech of the day).

    Is there a way to train yourself and your family to unplug (not just turn off) stuff? Probably not.

    A Carrington Event would kill much of our electrical infrastructure, and could take years to recover from (there's a long lead time to getting big new transformers, even if the factory is working normally). So stuff that can self power would be at a premium.

    Lots of batteries, but be sure to rotate the stock, there might be a period when you can't get new ones, and noticing that all your batteries were "use by 2006" would not be cool. Even better, learn how to build your own batteries. Less convenient and more expensive than store-bought, but when the crunch is on store-bought might not be available.
  11. Branth

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    None of these things would be affected by an EMP. No need to suff them in a Faraday cage.

    Batteries won't be affected by an EMP. If they're hooked up to a long wire, they might get zapped pretty good, but loose batteries will be fine. Their power comes from chemical reactions, not any kind of electronic. At the basic level, they're just two dissimilar metal rods stuck into a jar of acid.

    The power grid would certainly take a beating, and the transformers we need to replace to get the grid running again have a long production lead time and have to be shipped from overseas. Maybe localized pockets will be able to dig out an old generator or two to run some critical infrastructure, but your average joe is gonna be without power for months or years. That has a number of effects on things, not the least of which is refrigeration, heating, and cooling that could cause tons of deaths from starvation and exposure. How many people could survive a northern winter in their house without heat?

    Small electronics may or may not survive, I suppose. The more delicate the connections, the more likely a small surge would cook them. The longer the wires plugged into them or the larger the item, the stronger the surge. Flashlights, red-dots, etc might survive, but radios, which are designed to pick up on very small electromagnetic fluctuations and amplify them, will almost certainly be cooked - They have very sensitive "ears" and an EMP is a deafening electromagnetic shout.

    I would throw a small radio inside. Something you can power from batteries and that can reach out at distance. Even a low powered one would be okay, since after an EMP there will be a LOT less traffic and interference, so your "noise floor" should be super low. I am planning on getting a Yaesu FT-817nd, and I would store that in a Faraday cage, maybe a couple cheap Baofeng handhelds for local comms as well.
    I would throw a red-dot sight in, just in case they do get fried.
    I would also throw in a good flashlight, just in case.
    A USB stick with critical info (tax data, medical records, proof of identity, ownership stuff, financial info)
    I'd throw in my graphing calculator. my engineering knowledge could come in handy during rebuilding, and a good calculator makes a lot of things possible that are extremely tedious without.
    If I have a small computer like a Raspberry Pi that I can fit in, with necessary hardware like a keyboard and tiny monitor, that could be useful as well, but would be bulky. Being the only guy within 100 miles with a working computer could make you very important.
    A smartphone with useful apps like ballistic calculators, first aid guides or info, or maybe an e-reader with various survival-relevant reading could be worthwhile. Books are better, but it's easier to carry an e-reader with 100 books on it than 100 physical books. If you get the basic models with e-ink screens, battery life is measured in months, and charging from batteries would be doable.
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    So Branth, electronics, flash drives, and mp3 files would not be affected by an EMP. Really?!!:confused:
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    Dallas cowboy cheerleader squad.
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    If you have a microwave oven you have a Faraday cage. Just make sure you disable power, but leave the ground connected.
  15. sarahsmom

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    He was referring to water filtration devices and physical books. Later he suggest placing a USB flash drive in a Faraday cage with critical info on it. He said small electronics may or may not be effected, but he would himself put a battery powered radio in. Or course, any type of electronic that is important to you, you would want to put in just in case (my opinion).
  16. Branth

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    Yes, they would be. However, you listed:
    1. A water filter
    2. EMP storage bags
    3. US army survival guide
    4. Binocular Astronomy book
    5. Scofield Reference Bible

    None of these things need EMP protection.
  17. Branth

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  18. Not2ManyGuns

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    So I also specifically suggested the EMP storage bags were for electronics, flash drives, and mp3 files. I also in different paragraphs suggested a water filter and 3 books. Does that mean I was also suggesting to wash the 3 books with filtered water?:mad:

    Or was I suppose to suggest the three suggestions (1) water fulter, (2) EMP Bags, (3) Three books each in separate posts?
  19. undeRGRound

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    I'd probably add electronic rifle optics to the "cage", at least
    one backup. Pretty important item, if you use it "Pre-EMP" I
    am sure you would want it "Post-EMP" as well! :eek: