What was the old Law about buying

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  1. hand-guns, wasn't there a waiting period ?

    Being new to buying pistols, I was surprised when I filled out the short form, waited to be checked out, then paying and walking out the door with my new firearm w/ammo. Didn't there use to be a 7 day wait or something like that ? I thought I had heard it called a "cool down period" here in Georgia. Pardon my stupidity, like I said I'm new to this !
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    The waiting period only applies if there are discrepencies that appear during the federal application that cannot be immediately answered (Such as differing addresses from what's printed on your ID as opposed to what is actually listed with the state, misdemeanors awaiting review by a judge, etc). Most of the time if you have followed the law, your federal check will pass swiftly and you'll have your shiny new blaster.

    At least that's how it works in Arizona.

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    There is a 10 day waiting period on all firearms in Pagan state of California.
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    I live in AZ myself, and have never had a more longer wait than for the NCIS check clear for me to purchase firearms.

    Waiting period here? Why did you wait so long to buy?
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    I had to wait for 6 hours for a shotgun once but that was because the NICS servers were down in my home state.
  6. Here in NH, it's quick (about 10-15 minutes, well, for me anyway), as long as You got nothing to hide; alot of address changes; trouble with the "man"; etc. Just show them Your NH drivers license. While playing with your new toy (not yours yet!) checking it out at the counter, he is on the phone with your license and application. As soon as he writes down his author.# on that application, you're golden! Only thing is, you have to wait a month before purchasing another firearm.
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    The difference is they used to mail in the background check and now they do it over the phone using that modern innovation the computer. In Ohio there was a transition period where you could pay an extra $35.00 for the instant check or just wait, I think it was 5 days in Ohio.
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    Here in West Virginia you're in and out PERIOD. When I bought my HP from my local dealer he said the check could take anywhere from 5-30 minutes. That puppy was back in less than 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure that when I lived in PA there was a waiting period on handguns..., not sure if there still is one.
  9. The longest I've ever waited was 3 days due to a NICS outage. Shortest time was 10 minutes when I bought my C9. I've found that the busiest days are weekends and right before the holidays. I usually go in Monday or Tuesday mornings. I use my DL and my FFL03 for ID and it's a breeze!!! Colorado allows face to face transactions with no checks whatsoever as well. Thats how I got my Taurus. Met the dude in the parking lot of Lowes. Talked for a bit, then cash and carry! I love CO....
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    When I bought my C-9 today, I was in and out in literally 15 minutes. I walked in and was immediately served (rarely happens). Told him I was ready to buy my C-9. He pulled out 2 forms, I filled them out. While I was doing that he ran my NICS check and before I was done filling out the paperwork it came back clear. After I was finished he walked me over to the counter, rang it up with a 50 box of Independence 115gr FMJ, and hand gun case. I paid him and I walked out of the store.

    This is the first time I have had a NICS check done so I was very surprised.

    There was a guy in there who was complaining because he was on day 3 of his wait, just depends on what all is in your background for the FBI to flag it or if the NICS system is down, then you'll obviously have to wait.

    Overall I'm very pleased with the NICS system.
  11. Depends on the state

    Texas? Fill out your paperwork and less than 5 minutes you can walkout with your gun--provided you pass the BG check--

    Some stores (Gander Mtn for example) will not lt you buy pistols and ammo in the same visit, but long guns are ok?!? The dumb hing is that I bought my XD45, was escorted out to my truck, then after putting my pistol up, I went back in and bought 2 boxes of WWB...

  12. Ouch..

    Yet another reason to stay out of the Pacific Time Zone....
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    For some reason my application gets delayed every single time without exception so I end up having to wait three days for mine
    10 days sounds right for the Peoples Republic of California
  14. Here in Illinois it's 24 hours for a long gun and 72 hours for a hand gun.
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    You might have the same or similar name as someone who has run into troubles with the local government. I once got booted from a semester at ASU because someone who's name had one less "r" than mine got killed in a boating accident at Lake Powell and I had to prove that I was actually not that student.

    Just took, of all things FOUR forms of ID!

    Gun purchases are the same way. Also, if someone used an alias similar to yours it will also incur a waiting period in order to do a human check of the records instead of the Fed's search engine scan.
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    with my SC CWP, the gun shop doesn't have to call me in, i can buy pistol and ammo, load it at the counter, put it in my pocket, and walk out the door. IF I WANTED TO