What was your first gun you ever purchased?

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  1. mattman17

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    Kel-Tec PF9, still have it still carry it. Have about 5k rounds or so through it and love it. Only issue I had was a cracked slide at about 3k, sent it back and new slide within 2 weeks.
  2. RandyB

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    The first rifle I bought with my own money was a Ruger mini 14 the second was a Norinco SKS that took AK clips. The first pistol I bought was a Ruger super redhawk s.s. 7in barrel 44 mag.

  3. Delbert

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    My first bought gun and I still have it, is a Ruger 10/22 from late summer of 1971 when I was 16 from putting up hay during the summertime. I believe I got it on sale for $39.95 when Ruger sold them at MSRP for the ridiculous price of $59.95. Back in early 70's they didn't make any custom/upgrade 10/22 accessories like they have now, so I took off the metal butt plate, barrel band and removed the black paint and polished the aluminum to a shine. Lightly sanded the walnut stock and TruOiled(slightly thinned with lighter fluid for better soak into wood and easier spread on the first couple coats) and did somewhere around 4-6 coats with light sanding between each coat. Installed sling rings and put on a leather 1" sling with my initials when in school from shop class. Today it wears a Burris FullfieldII 3-9x40 rimfire scope, but it once had a Jason(Japanese)2-7x40 scope, which I still also have. Rifle still looks great and shoots true for being 49yo. This gun is my precious, as everything done on it was done by me when I was a teenager.
  4. Visper

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    What are these clips you speak of :p

    I do have an SKS - Have had it for a very long time, because back in the day i couldn't afford an AK so an SKS was the next best thing. Times have changed but still love it.

    The one I really want though is the Chinese paratrooper model with the 20rd attached mag with the star on it. Always loved the look. I got my SKS for $90 ish - that model always seemed like it was just too much money for an "SKS".
  5. Bill whitney

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    Marlin m99 , lil m1 carbine clone but with tub mag. 22lr. I loved that gun.
  6. RandyB

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    I don't know why I referred to the magazine as a clip,I never call them that,I roll my friggen eyes when I hear others call them clips.I must have had a brain fart.
    The Norinco SKS that took the removable AK mags was real spendy back in the late 80's when I bought from a pawnshop. The guy wanted 250.00 firm and I stopped by every week for a couple months and tried to wear him down and finally got him to let me have it for 250.00 OTD with 2 extra mags as I recall. He did refer to it as a paratrooper it looked identical to this.[​IMG]
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  7. Rachgier

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    Clip, mag, who gives a flying flock? Retraining someone to say mag instead of clip is like trying to convince the ignorant that AR doesn't stand for assault rifle.
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  8. Browning Challenger. Still have it in pristine condition. Paid $89.99 for it. I also have an extra mag. for it. Those are rare.
  9. Rabidwookie

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    First pistol was an old Charter Arms undercover 5 shot .38 i got for $60. Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t fantastic. Had to replace the tiny assed grips before i could shoot it. First rifle was a Marlin model 70 .22lr. First shotgun was an FIE single shot 12 gauge.
  10. The first firearm I purchased.
    New England Firearms Handi Rifle SB2 in .45-70 government.
    Blued 22' barrel with a walnut stock.
    It cost me $90 used back in 2000.
    I still use it to dear hunt.
  11. ynot

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    I have one of those 20 round mags with the star. I’ve had it in two different rifles and it wouldn’t feed reliably in either. I’ll never get rid of it because I like the way it looks, I just wish it worked.
  12. Visper

    Visper AK = Automatic Killer!?! Supporting Member

    Yeah they were matched to the rifle, really depends on the factory where the SKS was made. If the Mag was made in a different Factory it will fit but not fit if you know what I mean.

    I've seen them listed on GB before but was hesitant to buy and it not work in my SKS. Finding a matching rifle is the bugger at this point - and they ain't cheap...

    Its a pain finding out year etc on SKS's also - the information out there is from a lot of research and just plain guesses cause we have never got any reliable info from China on that stuff (of course...).
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  13. undeRGRound

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    Have I got a DEAL FOR YOU!!!
    DEAGLE-1 .jpg
    (Deagle, not the Glock)

    My first gun I ever bought was the all-new Polymer C9 in the mid 90's. jams, stovepipes, you name it, so I sold it ASAP to Reaper and he gave me full price. It was in the $80 range. Knowing what we all know now, shoulda kept it!

    Next time around, C9, after @MaryB told me "they are 100% better now" and I came here. First Rifle was just before the C9, an AR15 built on a Delaware Machinery lower which was manufactured in Indiana. Perfectly reliable platform. Built by a former Army Ranger.

    The first gifted gun was the Beretta Minx from Dad, and that was just like a "well, keep it" after I retrieved it from his dresser drawer before my mother and her 'kid helper' found it in there. Of course it was loaded, and Dad was in the hospital with heart trouble so he told me to grab it ;)
  14. Rachgier

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    I would love to have a Deagle back in my collection. My wallet, however, has pulled rank.
  15. rickm

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    Hmmm First gun i ever bought myself was a cap and ball revolver when i was 15 or 16.
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  16. Moestooge

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    A gun-savvy friend recommended the Ruger Mark II pistol. That was very good advice. My son now owns it.
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  17. What about the SKS rifles with a fixed ten round magazine. Can the fixed magazine be replaced with a twenty round fixed magazine or is this difficult to do?
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  18. Visper

    Visper AK = Automatic Killer!?! Supporting Member

    It's the same footprint. I don't know if I would try it in a different SKS, like Russian etc, but it should definitely fit a Chinese. The problem is getting it to work right.

    I compare it to those archangel stocks you can get for the old Mosin Nagants. Some of the barreled assemblies function flawlessly with them along with the mag and others do not. I had one awhile ago. Worked with (2) Mosins, but not the third.

    I guess its worth a shot though, cause even if it doesn't work you can still resell it for about $120+, so if you find one cheap enough you could actually make some money on the experiment.
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  19. rickm

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    I have both 10 and 20 fixed mag for my sks's and they can be interchanged with no problems but they are both chinese, 1 has even been altered to take the removable mags but it is a big pain to get in the gun cause you have to hold the bolt open with one hand and try to maneuver the mag around to go in with the other.
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  20. The first gun I ever purchased was a Remington Nylon 66, 22. Paid 47 bucks for it, brand new, from a sporting goods store in Ohio in 1973.
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