What was your first gun you ever purchased?

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  1. The SKS rifle was designed for a fixed magazine. Trying to convert a cheap rifle to detachable magazines is not worth it in my opinion. I do not own an SKS but I know someone who does. Thanks for the information.
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  2. histed

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    First "rifle" I bought was a CVA .45 flintlock - about 1972, I think. Never could get it spark reliably. First pistol was a .44 mag Blackhawk - which I later traded on for something else. Dumb ass. Bought a Ruger .22/.22 mag in 1976, along with a Savage 12 ga double. All gone now. Dumb ass

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  4. fatal-bert33

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    I have 10, 20 and 30 round removeable mags for my SKS and they are a breeze to install in my SKS since it has an easily accessible last round hold open slide. Pull the charging handle to the rear and install an empty mag which will hold the bolt open. Remove the magazine. Look into the open receiver and you can see the LRHO slide holding the bolt. Pull the charging handle to the rear and watch the LRHO slide move down allowing the bolt to close. Now the fun part. Pull the charging handle to the rear and with your other hand, stick a finger into the bottom of the receiver mag opening and push the LRHO slide up. Release the charging handle locking the bolt open. Now mags install easily. You can do it in less time than it takes you to read this and your finger never gets near the bolt.
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  5. welderman

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    My first was a Remington Model 10 12 gauge pump shotgun. They were originally sold to the US as trench guns during WWI. It was a very good gun until the Carrier started to wear, then it started having trouble ejecting spent hulls. Seems they were notorious for this failure, and nobody had the part you had to hunt down a parts gun with fewer miles on it, pretty much unobtainium. Sold it a while back to a guy on another forum who needed it for his gunsmithing class. Bought it for $100, used it for years and sold it for the same, good deal.
  6. ohio06

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    Glenfield model 10 .22
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  7. Plhcpat

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    My first was a glennfield model 60 as well! My first handgun was a S&W model 686 6"! $239 in 1984, now around $740! Quite the investment!
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  8. welderman

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    Stephen, my second gun was a Rem 870. :cool:
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  9. RugerFan

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    Maverick 88 shotgun. Bought it for home defense the day after a car crashed into our back yard and the driver threatened to come back because I called the police. Didn't know it would be addictive :)
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  10. The HiPoint C-9 13 yrs ago Still shoots Great I love it
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  11. danielle gentner

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    It was a Remington 870 12 guage...I still have it. Just changed it a bit.
  12. Born Too Late

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    First one with my own money was a Remington 788 in .22-250 in 1968 when I was 16.
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    GARY F BALL Member

    First gun I actually bought was a Remington Nylon 66 Apache Black 22 cal, one of the best 22s Ive ever owned, bought it back in early 70s for like 59.00 and I still have it.
  14. MrRobbi1

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    Model 37 Winchester 16 ga. Have owned it 54 years! Bought with paper route money.
  15. Hi Danielle. Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
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  16. nursgon

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    My first gun I bought at a big 5 sports store it was an SKS. it was $45 bucks out the door in 83.
  17. mvsha

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    The first real gun I was given( not counting BB or pellet) was an Ithaca Model 66 Super in 20 gauge. I was 9 years old, it had a 30 inch full choke barrel and I could only shoot about two maybe three rounds before I was gun shy. First gun I purchased on my own was a Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge. Bought at a local TG&Y here in Midwest City OK.
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  18. missiledefender

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    RG .22 short revolver. AT 14....ahhh the delights of being a inner city youth.
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  19. bandit 1200

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    My first purchase was an Arminius 38 special. 2" barrel. A true Saturday night special
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