What was your first gun you ever purchased?

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  1. Not2ManyGuns

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    This - Purchased new in in 1979 or 1980 and it's still my favorite. Paid only $163 for the revolver and $34 for the holster. Ruger Old Army with Holster.JPG
  2. ichthyo

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    Summer of 1972 I worked for a farmer removing lathe and plaster from an old 2 story farmhouse. I used most of what he paid me to buy a brand new Western Auto 12 gauge pump. That was my first experience really working hard for money to buy something I wanted so bad. The first time I went hunting with it I killed my first wild turkey. It was so great. Mom cooked the turkey for Thanksgiving.
    Still have the shotgun.

  3. S&W Model 19-3.

    My buddy was going to trade it in on a Dan Wesson and I offered what they were giving for trade in value. Still have it.
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  4. rickollerjr

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    I was given a couple guns from my father but the first gun I bought was the hi point 45.
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  5. Northslope

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    i always wanted the one with the green stock . they arent cheap anymore tho
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  6. Bill whitney

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    I had 2 s and 2 m models. That looks like the 20" as opposed to the para.
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  7. Sirex

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    First gun- Mossberg 500
    First pistol- HiPoint C9
    First rifle- SKS 59/66A1
  8. bandit 1200

    bandit 1200 Member

    First revolver Arminus Titan Tiger
    Rifle Ruger 10/22
    Shotgun Mossberg 500
  9. OS1880

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    First gun I bought was a Marlin 336C in 30-30 sold it to get an AR. First handgun was a S&W Mod 28-2 .357 Highway Patrolman still have it paid $125 for it in 1980. I will not part with that gun.
  10. Hmm... A Colt Commando/CAR-15 in 1987 but I sold it when I got orders to Korea the next year. Then I either went firearm-less or borrowed my SIL's pieces until 2010 with an H&R Pardner single-shot 20 ga. It died in 2017, and I caught the firearms bug.

    Ruger Mini-14, GP-100, Hi-Point JHP, and Mossberg 930 are my first purchases in each of those categories that I still have.
  11. Pandaz3

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    Ruger Blackhawk 357 4 5/8, still have it, Rifle would be a Model 94 in 30-30, still have it, both those in '68. four or five years ago I bought a Remington 887 Nitro and Mossberg 930. The 930 was great out of the box the 887 needed extensive break-in, but that has been done, still have both.
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  12. Dad had bought me a Revelation 22 single shot rifle when I was 9 or 10, and a Savage 24V .22 magnum / 20 gauge at 14. I bought my own Ruger Single Six .22 at 18.
  13. Clarence Eck

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    A Remington 514 .22 single shot. Had it for 65 years and passed it on to my oldest daughter
  14. I hope it serves your family well for the next 65 years. :thumbsup:
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  15. Razzle

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    The first gun I actually bought was an HK VP9. I was gifted a couple pistols and a shotgun before I made the purchase.
  16. Think1st

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    I got a Remington 870 for Christmas when I was in high school, but the first gun I ever bought was a Remington 581-S bolt-action .22. I still have both.
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  17. FLSh00ter

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    on my 21st birthday i bought two pistols together

    a 6" Smith and Wesson 686-1 and a Glock 19

  18. Gary Hepler

    Gary Hepler Member

    Dan Wesson .44mag. With 6” barrel drop a few deer with it! (Yes the first gun I Purchased!)
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  19. Keystone

    Keystone Supporting Member

    Remington Nylon Model 66. Great for swamp rabbits in Mississippi. Wish I would have kept it.
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