What would HPFF do?

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  1. planosteve

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    Due to the HR dept at my company making a huge mistake back when I was working as a College CO-OP sometime in the next few months I will be getting a nice check for 10 months of shift differential. It is still in the hands of the lawyers so who knows when that will get settled but they said they are working on quickly resolving the issue.

    If I do get the check I will put half in the vacation fund and the other half in my SHTF rifle. That is where you all come in.

    I have narrowed it down to 3 and I keep running everything through my head but I keep changing my mind so here are the candidates.

    AR-15, Ruger AR-556, nothing fancy here but I shot a couple and they are a good solid rifle.
    Advantages: Light, inexpensive, ammo readily available and inexpensive (need to shoot HP or SP at my range), fun to shoot, leaves lots of money for mags, ammo and accessories.
    Disadvantages: It is a 5.56, AR's are extremely common.

    Springfield M1A Standard Synth Stock, I have a love of the M1A, I owned a NM version for 25 years. Accurate and reliable.
    Advantages: It is an M1A, accurate, mags easy to find. Can reach out and touch someone with no problems.
    Disadvantages: Expensive at around $1300 with FFL fee of $25 heavy at 9.2 lbs, ammo more expensive. Scope mount is expensive.

    PTR-91 Classic 18" bbl, I owned a HK91 for years and I have never fired a more reliable rifle in my life. Thousand of rounds without a failure of any kind.
    Advantages: Accurate, reliable, love the stock sights, mags and quick release scope mount are inexpensive. (I can get the rifle 20 mags (used) and the scope mount for less than the M1A), it can also reach out and touch someone.
    Disadvantages: 9.2 lbs, ammo is more expensive than 5.56. New mags are expensive.

    I am kinda leaning toward the Ruger as it will allow me to get the rifle, scope w/mounts, a bunch of mags, and a bunch of ammo for less than the 7.62 options.

    But I also like the other 2 options and that is what is causing me grief. Should I be practical about the cost in this.

    I do not care for AK style rifles, I know they are good and reliable i just don't like the ergonomics of them.

    Please weigh in with your opinions as I know many of you own both calibers.

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  2. Bull

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    The only think I can say is that ARs seem to be getting more affordable at present time... And M1a's aint...... But I already own an AR, and am jonesing for a M1, so I'm admittedly biased...

  3. lsi1

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    ar-10? You could build a pretty decent one for around the $1000 mark. It gives you the heavier caliber and the lego block building of the ar marketplace.
  4. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    I have never fired the AR-10 so my knowledge of it is minimal. I have owned all three of the ones I listed so I am kinda sticking with my knowledge base here. I will look into the AR-10. Can you recommend any manufactures for uppers and lowers?
  5. SWAGA

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    PTR 91, I just can't get over the "boing" when you shoot an AR....:rolleyes:.
  6. Think1st

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    If I were to go the AR-10 route, I would start looking at PSA's offerings. They seem to be grabbing a lot of the market place, when it comes to .308 and 5.56 ARs, because of their quality and price points. I have an AR using one of their complete lowers, and it has a beautiful trigger, while the fit and finish are top notch--even though it was discounted for being a blem.
  7. Dagwood

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    I really like the ruger ar-556. I don't see too many of these in my neck of the woods.

    I would snatch one up if i had the chance.
  8. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Sig 556xi is something else to consider. More compact than most other AR rifles, fires 556 or 223, can be converted to use 7.62x39 and will be a 300 blackout option soon as well. Average price is $1300-$1700
  9. greg_r

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    M1A. Probably the tanker version.
  10. undeRGRound

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    Your Old Lady will have something to say about this I bet :D
  11. Go with your gut and get the Ruger since you're leaning that way already. Then save your money and get the M1A. Then save some more and get the PTR-91. It'll take a while and cost more money but hey, problem solved. At least in my twisted little mind.
  12. lsi1

    lsi1 Member

    i don't have any personal ar-10 advice as i have never fired one it just seemed to fit your criteria better than some other choices.
  13. I vote M1a. if you have the money to feed it as well.
    It is a truly iconic rifle in the wood stock. and AR's just keep getting cheaper. barring any BAN or another political scare i imagine they keep that course.

    are M1a's getting cheaper? i dont think so.....
  14. Irishfanatik

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    I totally agree with the m1a recommendation. I had one and sold it a year ago. You used to have one as well, so you know why you want one again.
  15. planosteve

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    I hate it when you are right. She wants me to get a 5.56 AR as she likes to shoot them due to low recoil. She also mentioned that I have 2 full cans for 5.56 ammo that I bought just because Walmart had marked them at the old price. I might get luck and get enough to get 2 rifles but I am not counting on it.
  16. fatal-bert33

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    A DPMS Oracle on Buds is just over $500 and will leave you lots of money for upgrades and maybe even another gun. I have a Lo-Pro Classic and it is a blast. Cheap ammo, low recoil and very accurate. There is a reason AR,s are so common. Buy two and give your wife her own rifle !!!
  17. moona11

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    Get 2 AR's one for you and one for her.:-D win win there
  18. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    That really is a tough choice, especially considering the wife's input.

    I was going to say, if you already have a launcher for 5.56, get the M1a, you know you want it. Me....I'm kinda anti in regards to that rifle. It's a good one, but prices are higher than I think they should be, and the fanbois are worse than the Austrian gun fanbois, if ya know what I mean.:D

    But if you don't have a 5.56 gun...you can EASILY get two ARs (not the Ruger) for the price of 1 M1a, keep momma happy, and keep costs down on ammo. Or...get one AR, and one sweet bolt gun like the ones that share AR mags, or the CZ, or Ruger American.

    Personally...I'm thinking AR 10, I am seeing Rock River or DPMS for under $1100 in my AO, and reviews are good on both.

    How about splitting the difference...get a Ruger mini 14? Pretend it's an M1a, but only spend $700, and shoot cheaper ammo?:p
  19. Mini 14?

    Mini 30. cheaper ammo, bigger ammo. :cool:
  20. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    What a great "problem" to have. :)

    Does it HAVE to be a Ruger? S&W M&P are way better (mostly because I'm STILL mad at Bill).

    The PTR-91 appeals to me more of the two.

    Sounds like a good reason to me. As long as it's not Ruger brand. :)

    Then get the one you like. If you don't, you'll regret it.

    Peace favor your sword,