What would you do?

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  2. At my age and health there is no way I could have been of help. I carry for my own self defense, nothing more. But I might have used deadly force in this situation, but then might not have.

    I helped a Detective with a arrest when I was 17, before I became a LEO myself. Makes a big difference being young. It looked like most of the good Samaritans in this instance were young.

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    I hope I would to. I'm not worried so much about having the courage, not that I'm courageous, but My willingness to help an officer would take over. They have a tough job out there. My worry would be that my mind comprehends what's going on before I got home! My mind just doesn't want to believe some things I see going on.
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    She should've waited for backup before trying to take this idiot into custody..... But how many whack-jobs like this are running the streets, when they are clearly a ticking time bomb?.... If I was ccwing, I'd have no qualms about assisting one officer with no backup present, who was in that situation. More than likely though, I'd tackle the sob off of her, and subdue him, rather than pull a gun.
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    That's what I was thinking. I'm an old fat guy, but if I just plowed into him in a bear hug, that would give the officer an opportunity to regain control. I can take a bruise and a scrape.
  6. Bull

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    I still remember enough ground wrestling to make someone hurt.
  7. Rerun

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    Grab a chunk of wood out of the back of my truck and club that SOB!

    LEO's don't often need help but, when they do, by Damn, help them!

  8. Branth

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    I would hope that I would jump in. If I could see that he was going for her gun, then I don't think I'd feel comfortable engaging him with my fists or body - If he gets hands on that gun, I'm behind the curve in a big way. I'd probably shout at him to stop or I'd shoot as I was drawing, and if he didn't desist by the time I got my gun on him, I'd get close enough that I wasn't gonna hit the officer by accident and shoot.

    If I couldn't see if he was going for the gun, the best bet would probably be to run over and kick him in the ribs or something to get him off of her. I don't have training in ground fighting, and really don't want to get in that situation with a gun on my hip - Distance is my friend. Who knows if I'd be able to think through all that in the moment, though.
  9. Bull

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    If your carrying a jhp or jcp, luckily you can club the dude in the head with it..... One shot, he's done!
  10. SWAGA

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    I'm not trying to be funny or overly dramatic but if he is going for her gun I'd have to shoot him in the head.

    There are many documented cases of bystanders assisting and sometimes killing the aggressor.

    We're not talking sportsmanship here, I can't get in some sort of fisticuffs with some crazy who might be spazzed out on any sort of drugs.

    That's why you carry a gun, to level the playing field against somebody who is bigger, stronger, meaner and hell bent on doing you some damage.
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  11. Bull

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    I'm fine with that..... As long as I can guarantee I'm not hitting the cop....
  12. Branth

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    Very true. It's the safest bet. Besides, he's clearly using lethal force on the officer (disparity of force AND position of advantage), so I think in most states you'd be justified using lethal force against him anyway.
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    I agree with ya 100% I am big. I am strong. But I am also slow. And old. And have a real bad back that sometimes makes it hard to move fast anyway. If it ever gets to a fist fight, I cant compete anymore. :(
  14. FlashBang

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    This would be a prime situation in which to do the Texas Two Step.... kick him in the face to get him off her and then put two in his chest. ;)

  15. Bull

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    Ohhhhhh..... I like that one!
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    Then click the "Like" button... I'm saving up enough for the toaster oven... :D:D
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    I'm always mobile app'n.... I'll try to get by.... Here you go,
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    I am looking at the blender myself. Only need 12,456,987 more likes.:D
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    We had a similar situation here. One of the female officers was out on a traffic stop and the guy got out of the car and started attacking her. A recently retired Army Vet was in the intersection waiting to turn spotted it, jumped out, and commenced to beating the f*ck out of the guy.
  20. That little guy would have faced a fury from me. If the gun came loose he would have faced fire from me. If not i would have destroyed him with brute strength. Im a pretty big guy and have over 13 years of martial arts and 6 years of wrestling. I wouldnt hesitate to subdue forcefully a POS like that.