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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by adam01364, Apr 14, 2018.

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    Got banned for breakfast.

    AR builders page on FB. Idiot tried to tell me that New York didn't make it a Class B Felony to possess more than 10 firearms by muddying up the definition of possession by adding in the phrase "have dominion over." They even went so far as to say the firearm doesn't have to be loaded, only operable, to be considered in your possession. His assertion was that it can only be charged as an aggravating factor.

    I told him to read it again and tell me where it says, "aggravated criminal possession."

    NY Penal Law 265.04. Go ahead and check out 265.05 white you're at it.

    Any and all minors under the age of 16 with a NERF gun are now juvenile delinquents.

    I'll break this off to 2A/DR if it turns in to a semi serious discussion.
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    Two 1TB hard drives in raid 1... I have backup! SSD's still have a finite number of write cycles and it is nowhere near what a regular hard drive has.

  3. Today I went out to Promontory Summit in Utah where they joined the Transcontinental railroad in 1869. Also by Promontory where the golden spikes were driven in is Northrop Grumman and a tourist place called the "ATK Rocket Garden." They had a model of a shell of one of the boosters that launched American astronauts into orbit. While I was out there I was thinking of how amazing it was that our country went from the Transcontinental railroad to landing a man on the moon in about one hundred years.
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    How did that feel?
    You know the Russians beat us to Soace right?
  5. When you're right, it's much better than a box of Wheaties.
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    You know the US put the first astronaut on the moon right? The OP referred to the moon, not putting a satellite into a low orbit. But we appreciate the fact that you are proud of your comrades accomplishment.
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    Like any other day on HPFF after I ban someone and I know I won't be subjected to their particular idiotic bullshit anymore?

    So right that my ban was lifted and I was invited back, which I so rudely declined...as is my nature.
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    Grinding horseradish, good timing, it will unplug my sinuses... dug about 5 pounds and could take a little more of friends want it.

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  9. Crawling my big ass around in the attic, trying to clean the coils on the A/C for the front 1/2 of the house, is like trying to cram an angry Rhino in a damn shoebox.......
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    12 April 1961 - Yuri Gagarin, first man in space and first human orbital flight.
    19 June 1963 - Valentina Tereshkova, first female in space and to this day the only solo female space mission.
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    Which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the US was the first to put an astronaut on the moon.
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    Your cohorts insist it was faked.
  13. This morning I'll be riding a trike with a group of approximately 25 other riders on the Withlacoochee State Trail. Not nearly as fast as a two wheeler, but I don't get all butt hurt by a seat trying to ram itself in-between my cheeks.

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    The heating and cooling man is coming today to perform the annual checkup that I have done every three years. After that I will probably take my Taurus 44 Magnum and my S&W Performance Center M&P 40 M2.0 to the range.
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  15. So my trike ride became a long walk home.
    About midway into the ride a shaft on the rear derailleur snapped in two while I was in top gear (it's a 30 speed). The chain immediately fell off the sprockets and I came to a very quick stop. I've ridden (and broken my share of) multi-geared bicycles for decades but this was a first for me.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Too much power thrown at the drive train
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    Playing straight dominos with my 84 yo father, and a 76 yo and 72 yo friends of my father.

    Getting my arse whipped.

  18. Just got done wading through a damn swamp in the rain. Our day has been canceled, and I’m now headed in the general direction of home.
  19. Rachgier

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    Sheet rock finishing work. Doing a slick finish on a ceiling, even with the vacuum hooked up to the orbital sander. Sanding a 6.5ft ceiling when you're 6'2" sucks.