Whatcha doing today?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by adam01364, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Rachgier

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    It's called California Knockdown. You do a standard 3-coat finish; tape, bed, skim, then I used a "spraying mantis" hopper and gun system with an on-demand compressor. Water down the mud, spray it on like an orange peel texture, then use a spray shield like a giant knife and knock it down after it has a couple minutes to set up. Otherwise it smears like mad.
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  2. Rachgier

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    And now I'm sitting here irritated as hell!

    Been waiting on this email for two months and didn't think to check my junk folder until right now.

    My build kit has been sitting at the FFL since yesterday (Monday) and they're closed Wednesdays...

    Now I have to wait until Thursday.

  3. MaryB

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    Watching it snow... again... been taking a couple of down days. My back needed some repair time.
  4. moona11

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    Started Machinists in Training class after a 6 month break in being allowed to hold classes. So we just started the class all over.
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  5. MaryB

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    Making breakfast and hot italian sausage.
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  6. SWAGA

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    I swear that’s what I read the first time :eek:
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    I can see it
  8. You two already wearing beer goggles? Sheesh the weekend's barely started!
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  9. Rachgier

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    Got invited to go shooting tomorrow, so I decided to clean and oil up the trio. The Brothers and The Bastard, since it's an American made AK. Jerk called me back and said his old lady won't let him go shooting with me. Something about how he always comes home and buys a new gun that I showed him...

  10. We know who wears the pants in that relationship.

    We just had our car with the burned out clutch towed to another repair shop from the previous stupid car dealership. The other repair shop said their labor costs would be $660 to do the clutch. The clutch parts will likely cost another $238. I ordered them and they should arrive on the 27th of October.

    $2,000 to do a clutch on a simple manual transmission car is a rip off. Car dealerships have earned their reputations.
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  11. SWAGA

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    That looks like a polymer version of an RPK stock on that Ak?
    That AR Nagant sure looks like it’s a foot longer lol
  12. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    Factory furniture on an IO Sporter.

    Don't hate on my AR10 just because you couldn't hit your big toe with yours even if the muzzle was resting on it.
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  13. SWAGA

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    I’ll need a bipod then I’ll be coyote hunting out to 25 yards
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  14. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    You'll be an inch and a half high at that range.
  15. SWAGA

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    Ya think I can get ‘em to jump a little?
  16. Rachgier

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    Depends. Are they being ridden by illegals?
  17. SWAGA

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  18. Rerun

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    It shows that you're a great influence on your friends!

    Bravo Zulu!

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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Windy, drizzle on and off, low 50's, no sun. Opened the hood on the '93 dually. Dropped the big battery charger on it for an hour and a half. It has been dead since 2014. Left the trickle charger on it. It won't do anything.

    Ordered a new battery from Advanced online. Battery was $169+tax. Ordered 2 fuel filter/water separators, 2 Mobil1 oil filters. Supposed to be a 10% discount on the battery. Didn't get the discount code to work. It tried to give me $5.50 off. Customer service guy gave me 25% off, $199.xx total and emailed a $20 Perks Bucks.

    I thought the solenoid on the bottom of the injector pump was to cut off the fuel. Turns out it is a "low idle" solenoid. The connector was almost falling off. Might have been my problem. Fuel tank ought to have plenty of algae growing in it.

    Got 2 gallons of straight anti-freeze and some distilled water.

    No sun expected tomorrow mid 50's.
  20. Just got home. Fun night. Had a catering gig in the suites at Ford Stadium at SMU. Everything went very well thank you for aksing. SMU got beat 42-13 by U of Cincinnati but all in all a fun but long evening.
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