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  1. Worked, usual. From my basement office.

    Then fixed the microwave. It’s not even four years old. Starting early this year, It would blow the breaker if you opened the door. Back then I changed the primary, monitor and door switches. That “fixed” it so it would only pop the breaker if it was running and you opened the door. New switches test good. So Fonk, lived with it until Monday and even breathing on it would pop the breaker. So ordered the switch bracket like I should have originally. Twenty minutes to take the vent panel and the control panel off (power disconnected of course), remove the bracket, remove the three switches and yep I could see the notch worn in it. Put the switches in the new bracket, put it all together and it works like new. $38 for the part instead of a new $400 over the range microwave.

    Also watched two episodes of The Haunting of Bly Manor. It’s REALLY good, definitely not a modern horror story. I really like the previous season that’s a totally different story and characters, but the same cast. That’s The Haunting of Hill House.

    Seriously, they are really REALLY good ten-episode TV series. Yes, there’s a couple scare moments. But they are 95% character development, even if they are really creepy.
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    Hey, do we have a lost and found section? We seemed to have lost Pistolkitty, that new fella of hers is cutting in waaaay too much.

    I can’t recall last time I saw a post from her, hope everything is ok.
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  3. Rachgier

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    She's in love and winter is coming. I deleted Instagram, otherwise I could give you a better update.
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    1019201801a.jpg 1019201801.jpg I took this 97 f150 I bought a week ago for an extended drive. Milage unknown, it runs and drives pretty good for 500 dollar blown motor truck. It sat all summer half mile from my farm, I put a new battery in it and fired it up.I cannot believe it is not rusted out, has some front damage, salvage title
  5. Looks like a win for @Pistolkitty and IMO she deserves it.
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    Things are fantastic!!! Mostly. I have missed all my guys here (and my gals!) I've just been going around like a fart in a whirlwind lately.

    Let's see, the not so good first: 11 year old daughter has a retched attitude, also doing retched in school, does not give a shit, and mom is enemy number 1. But we just got an adhd diagnosis from the psychologist we saw last week, and her appointment with regular doctor to start a treatment plan here in another 10 days, so at least we have somewhere to go from there.
    Work bullshit drama thats getting old fast, but thankfully my season is close to ending so I'll get a break for a couple months.
    Things with Brian are stupendous! He's an amazing guy, treats me like a queen, and its better and better every second! I just got back from 4.5 days up at his place- got to experience a big chunk of his veterans hunt this year. He has a non profit called hope 4 heroes Corp and he provides wounded vets- preferably purple heart recipients and/or 50%+ disabled- awesome hunts on his mountain at no cost to them. It provides a lot of much needed fellowship for these guys. It was pretty amazing and humbling to get to be a part of it this year and see what he does for these guys. I of course did a little hunting myself, but we had a freak snowstorm and cold snap, and its pre-rut there- so the big bucks were still brushed up. I did have a 25 yd money shot at a 2 x 2- big bodied, good genetics, but I passed. Let him get even bigger. Amazing just to be out there though.
    I got me a down payment on a new puppy- shes a black lab and will be ready to take home on Thanksgiving. I've already named her Scout. Pretty excited about that!!!
    Other than that, just the usual, work work work. Winterized my chickens. Killed my asshole rooster and ate him. Getting ready to start winterizing the nursery. Then the inside chore catchup starts. If funds continue to cooperate we are going to redo the flooring of the entire upstairs this winter, and replace the downstairs toilet. Next spring/sumner, build a new deck.
    Lots on my plate!!!
  7. Pistolkitty

    Pistolkitty Supporting Member

    First one, my new puppy Scout and I
    Second one, the view from Brians place this weekend after the snow.
    Third one, me with all the vets and some lo ed ones/supporters at a dinner party. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    BRIAN is an awesome guy, can tell just how you talk about him and his interests!
    VETS Make AMERICA GO, and that is inspiring! Hope you are HAPPY, ALWAYS!


    PS: Great pic of you, first I have seen!!!
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  9. Pistolkitty

    Pistolkitty Supporting Member

    Thank you!

    And that pic yerrible! I hadn't showered in 5 days that day, lmao. Theres plenty others around here if you look
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  10. Looks like a great dog. Are you going to train it to help with hunting? Black Labradors are good companions.
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  11. Pistolkitty

    Pistolkitty Supporting Member

    Maybe. We plan on eventually breeding her with brians service dog. Then we can donate service/therapy dogs to vets in need. That in and of itself can save some lives.
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    Well that explains that! BZ to you PK, sounds like you got your stuff together.

    Teenagers...then they grow up, it's prolly hormones but keep her in check just the same.

    Tell your ole man he's welcome here too.
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    ELEVEN Year olf Teenager, that's a first :rotfl:
    I remember girls saying "I'm TWELVE-TEEN" but
    Eleven-Teen is new to me! :D
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  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    If I did that, there's be a lot of left over food, and no return gigs...:yikes:
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    Training at 1 to 4 then work. And my truck made a loud bang and died on the way home. Fun times
  16. Pistolkitty

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    While I was gone on my trip we had record snowfall for October here at home and they shit the nursery down for 2 days. 6" and single digits. Now we are back up to highs of 50 for another few days. I hope I still have enough daylight when I get home to set up my target and fling some arrows! I have barely gotten to shoot my new bow since I got it fitted.
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    Loud bangs and dead are usually a bad sign... like puddle of oil under engine from a thrown rod...

    Doing some garage rearranging so I can get 1,000 pounds of wood pellets in there, get the toolbox tucked back against a wall...
  18. MaryB

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    $40/hr and 1 hour minimum up front to bring your TV/stereo/whatever into my shop. Covers disposal when scumbags abandon their crap and some of my time troubleshooting. Occasionally get lucky and it is something I can repair and Craigslist after 6 months stuffed in storage...
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  19. Preparing for another dash up the east coast to mAssachoo$hitz.

    Things have changed since my last visit. The "Nanny state" has a mandate that you must register with them when you're from a naughty state (i.e. Florida) and if you haven't done a Wuhan test within 72 hours of arrival with negative results, you must self-quarantine for 14 days. The penalty is a fine of $500 day. Damn. It's very much on the honor system; I wonder how many people actually do that.

    Anyhow, I've got a EZPass for tolls, and I figger my Florida tags will red flag me, and my mobile phone data will tattle as well, so I just went and registered with Nanny and myself got tested for Wuhan. I'll get confirmation of what I already know within 3 to 4 days: I'm fine. But okay, I'll putter around the house and binge watch until I get the all clear email.
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    You need to get yourself a set of Vermont plates. I go to Greenfield 3 times a week and drive right past the cops hanging out by the Stop n Shop Gas Station on the five & dime constantly. They never even give me a second glance.

    A hometown update for you.
    Good News - Adams Donuts is reopening in January.
    Bad News - It will be under new management.
    Good News - Current owner will be sticking around awhile to teach new owners all his secrets.
    Bad News - That shit never never works for long.