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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by adam01364, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. moona11

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    No oil loss, back of the muffler blew out. Turns over okay just no starty start start. It's being towed in the morning and looked at probably Monday.
  2. Rachgier

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    Making money working on "f***that dodge!" for the ex again. Cost her $150 cash up front for me to even look at it. Her boyfriend tried to replace the water pump. Said it was way out of time, so he fixed it. I replaced the timing belt and tensioner when I had the motor apart for her fuel rail, injectors, intake gaskets, spark plug oil seals, valve covers gaskets, and cam sensors. I know it wasn't out of time, because it's been running like a top and hasn't thrown a timing code since... until he touched it. My red paint stick marks are still there on the pulley and highlighting the factory witness mark.

    So half the bolts are missing on the timing cover, the rest were finger loose. All of her hose clamps were cut instead of opened properly and a mounting bolt each was missing for both the coolant reservoir and power steering reservoir. He pried on the tensioner to remove the belt do that was missing a chunk and needs replacing. He also used the crank pulley bolt as the drive point for a 3- jaw puller he hooked to the outside of the harmonic balancer.

    He thinks he might have hit the cam or crank sensor but isn't really sure. Plus he never refilled the radiator/cooling system so she overheated in traffic, jumped time, and stalled. HOPEFULLY no valves were bent.

    He let his 18 year old brother put it back together while he got drunk in a lawn chair, supervising.

    The crank pulley bolt was only finger right but they beat the pulley on with a hammer instead of using the bolt to draw it up right.

    No torque wrenches were in the area and anything that was tight, was over torqued and they decided to put a T27 head standard thread bolt back in place of an M6x1.25 on the timing cover.

    20201029_121857.jpg 20201029_160714.jpg
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  3. OldOutlaw

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    Good Gosh Rach! Why are you ending up fixing her crap? Let her go to a local mechanic shop and get this stuff fixed. I cannot think you owe her anything.
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  4. Rachgier

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    She paid me $150 just to diagnose it. I would have fixed it today but she didn't bring me her credit card so I can buy the required parts.
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  5. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Walk away. Just....walk away.

    Unless you negotiate a solid price for labor. Then get the money up front, finish the job, and walk away afterwards.
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  6. Grant

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    Damn it the ex is cutting into your video game time. No biggie, I just came over to be sure you were ok.
    Hey all, it’s been a while, way too much work, way too little time. 70+ hr weeks since March. Working the wildfires out in Oregon now.
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  7. Looked at those pics, what an absolute flustercuck! At least you're making a little money... although it's probably not enough money.
  8. Rachgier

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    Already did. I use her card to buy all the parts she'll need and she hands me another $150 before they get installed. Otherwise they sit there in her passenger seat for some other schmuck.
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  9. OldOutlaw

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    Rach, sorry. But she keeps using you. Just don't do it. She is still just using you and will until you tell her a flat no. Just stay away from her and her boy friend's antics. You are just being used in my opinion. Which of course does not really matter either way to me. The choice is only up to you yourself.
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  10. Rachgier

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    It's $300 for a couple hours of work to fix her boyfriend's fuck up after I told her no the first time on the water pump, told her no on towing from her job to his house, no for towing it from his house to hers, and no for looking at it without getting paid.

    It's a $1,000 job at a shop. She's getting it done for $450 after parts, the tools I'm buying on her card, and my labor.
  11. OldOutlaw

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    Well Rach, that isn't to bad. After what she did to you, well, I'm not so certain about how I would handle it. Most likely not as friendly as you have done for her. However, we are all different.
  12. SWAGA

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    Its your ex-problem bro.
  13. Rerun

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    if she's paying for your tool...


    Air ye sure she's an ex-gf...?

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  14. OldOutlaw

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    The HP World Wonders.
  15. Rachgier

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    Well there's my version, her version, and the reality lies somewhere in the middle. I'm friendly with all my ex's, even the crazy ex wife that turned Bible thumper.
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  16. Clutch work is done today in my 2015 Mitsubishi and I drove it home. He dropped the transmission, polished my flywheel and put the clutch parts in I bought from Autozone. Total damages were $238 for the clutch parts, $625 for labor and $171 for the tow truck there.

    The stupid dealership charged me a rip off $125 diagnostic fee. We are contesting the charges on our credit card.
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  17. Rerun

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    Get triple A Plus towing - three 100 mile rows each year for a mere $90/year.
    They do all sorts of other things as well - change flats, deliver fuel, provide trip tickets (maps) and vacation holiday specials.


    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Both of my Buicks have too much air blowing blowing out onto the windshield. I'm not going to mess with them. My neck can't handle laying on the floor doing all that crap. The AC cools the cars, and the heat works.
  19. Dubar

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    My dad never owned a car that had a working defroster. He kept rags/towels on the front seat and whoever was in the car with him had the job of keeping their side of the windshield clear. Matter of fact, he never owned a new car, always bought used.

    After an off-duty Va Beach cop totaled my Mazda B2000 truck in 2005, I drove a 94 Geo Metro for about 2 years that I bought off my youngest daughter for $400. The bumper was rubber covered styrofoam, had 12" tires, no AC and no heat to speak of. It was fun to drive though cause I didn't give a crap about it. I had to put a new window gasket on the drivers door and new tires, so I had maybe $750 in it total. Gave it to my son to drive after I retired in 2007 and he totaled it 6 months later.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Since dad passed I am considering buying his 2011 Buick Lucerne. It has been sitting for almost a year. 1yo tires, and new battery. Probably covered in pine sap and full of ants. I am going top make a low offer on it. Not sure how to handle tagging it as it is in Florida.

    Because it has been sitting I will give a lowball offer. If they take it fine. If not fine.