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  1. Pine sap is one thing, but Florida ants can be nasty suckers, it'd have to be one heckuva bargain to deal with them.

    I discovered that registering a motor vehicle in Florida is very expensive proposition, from taxes, registration fees, title fee, and insurance. mAssachoo$hitz is expensive but Florida was double. If you can find a way to register it in Tennessee beforehand you'll be much better off financially.
  2. Rachgier

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    In Colorado it's simple. Buy the car from wherever, bring the signed out of state title and bill of sale to the local PD so they can run the VIN on the car against the one in the title; take the signed title, bill of sale, VIN check sheet, proof of insurance, and ID to the county clerk. Pay your extortion fee and receive tags, registration stickers, and a Colorado title.
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  3. Pistolkitty

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    We have a department of motor vehicles. You bring in the title where you've both signed the back and state the sale amount, they transfer it and print you new title, you pay your fees and get your registration, new tags, and plates all right there. It's pretty easy. The only thing that sucks is the lines are always so long. There's a number system and a big lobby of chairs. It's not as bad as the days when we didn't have tiny devices in our hands to stare at. Back then you had to just people watch for possibly hours.
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    Our DMV is only open M,W,F and is in the basement of the courthouse in a tiny little office wedged between DHS (Department of Human Services) and the mechanical room. At least they have a couple of windows.
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    well this got booooring real quick BMV/DMV :duh:

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    NE Utah
    Well some of us have to do normal crap once in a while.
    Finishing grades for the quarter, getting online to watch the girls play volleyball in the quarterfinals, and then getting ready for our quarterfinal game in football, we’re ranked 2, playing the 7. We beat them in preseason, but they’re tough enough to give us a battle.
  7. MaryB

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    That could be fun to find... it was dumping raw fuel into the exhaust so one cylinder at a minimum not firing... probably contaminated O2 sensor(s)...
  8. MaryB

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    New engine time, I would NOT touch that mess!
  9. MaryB

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    Still working on the garage... that corner I stash the mower in is a mess and I need floor space. I need to order 2 8 foot longx8' high sections of shelving for back in that corner. Get all the crap off the floor that is currently in boxes and put 2 sheets of ply over the top of them for more storage space for sheet goods/insulation(10' ceilings so I will have a 2' space to stuff things in).

    Garage was big when I built it... should have went bigger but I was up against property line to the east and a tree I want to keep to the north and setback to the south and a gas line to the east(10'setback from that).

    Garages are NEVER big enough no matter how big you go!
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    Wrong!!! Lol. Cap and rotor. They asked if I wanted a new muffler which they wanted $300 plus for. And a oil change + $50. Since its been 3 years since last told em nope. I'll take it to the other shop its $30 for the change and I'll order the muffler of Amazon. Looks like muffler and tail pipe will be under a 100. But boy o boy she is loud with just the muffler housing still on. I'll let it go for a while.
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    I want a small shed big enough to put my yard tools and mower in and that's it. I don't mind them taking up space but seems like I always drag a bunch of clippings and what not in when I put things up. Maybe I ought to clean them first...naaa.
  12. Rachgier

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    Is actually really easy if you know what you're doing. The boyfriend saw "FRONT" marked on the crank pulley and decided to ignore the bright red mark I made last time. Timing was 90° out. She's lucky nothing got torn up, but it runs just fine. I cleared the code and didn't get a sensor trip this time, so I'll take it out and put it through its paces tomorrow. After it got a complete fluid check of course.

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    Looks more like 117 degrees to me , unless that’s parallax error I’m seeing :rotfl:;)

    I hate working on cars, but I hate paying some Jackleg to do a half-assed job too. Good work Rach, on the car and on the ex-wife. Just remind her every chance you get that “she owes you”.
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    97 degrees.
    370/number of teeth x deviation
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I moved to TN in '95. I moved back to Florida with my van and my Duster in 2004. I didn't have to pay that "import fee" as they had record of 2 vehicles I had left Florida with. The tax got waved.

    If I buy the Lucerne I can get a tag and title up here without producing the car. Then I can slip down there and drive it back legally.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Harry Nilsson said it best:
    You broke my heart so fuck you!
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    NE Utah
    Straight pipes for the win!:carrot:
    As a kid, my uncle had a 1960 Pontiac with straight pipes, that thing was so long the idle was quieter than a new Toyota, but once you romped on it, it sounded like NASCAR.
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    Partially right! It dumped raw fuel when the cap and rotor went bad LOL We used t do it on purpose when I was a kid. Get to 30, drop it into first and coast with the engine off, turn key back on in 30 seconds... BANG and scare the crap out of anyone walking. Did it downtown so it echoed off the buildings... fun until it goes bang and you leave half your exhaust on the road LOL
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    Working in the garage some now that the new fridge is out of there and in the kitchen.
  20. TCB

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    Taking the first soak in our new hot tub.

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