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  1. Rachgier

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    That was English, and I would normally have included the blood pressures.
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    Exactly. It kinda Had me confused until you translated it into English.
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  3. Rachgier

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    You're missing my point. His post was English for me, despite his leaving out his resting pressures. So either there's no hypertension, or it's at it's control point.

    I'm fluent in doctor. Pisses them off at the ER when the nurses and hospitalists try speaking to me in retard and I start correcting them in medical. I overheard an ER doc describing an issue with a patient and a specific reaction to a certain medication. So I stepped out of my room and told the doctor to test the patient for a certain secondary condition.

    I got laughed at, so I got fired up and laid in to them describing how when Condition A is treated with Medication B and Reaction C occurs, that it's a contraindication to discontinue use of Medication B, switch to Medication D, and test for underlying Condition E. I was told to go back to my room, or else. A while later I overhear the specialist tell the GP the same thing, so I fired off with, "I told them that shit 20 minutes ago! Fuckin' morons!"

    I got seen, treated, and discharged almost immediately. And I berated that doctor and the nurse the entire damn time.

    Yeah. Don't listen to the dumbass paramedic who has to study the same shit nurses AND pharmacists need to know and has to memorize as many contraindications and dangerous reactions for common prescriptions as humanly possible and be able to recall them under duress during an emergency situation. Fuck that guy, right?

    My patients always seemed to get priority placement when I ran ambo calls too... No idea why...
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    Sorting socket, putting them on socket organizers... with around 300 sockets that will take awhile!
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    Awesome but not. Get better
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  6. ^ Big fan a Paramedics. EMT's they call them nowadays. Had a friend that was an EMT and he could repeat your story ad nauseam. He would also say "Yeah, and we had to make those kind of decisions while the patient was either bleeding out or seizing on the floor in front of us, not while stroking our beards in the hallway!!" but he would substitute a different word for 'beard.' LOL. Give 'em hell Rach.
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  7. Rachgier

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    Yeah, no. It's always been EMT (Emergency Medical Technician):

    B ( Basic)
    I (Intermediate)
    CC (Critical Care)
    P (Paramedic)

    It does vary by region, of course, and some regions have more specific specialty "ranks".
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  8. Hey man, that's not what they said on "EMERGENCY!"

    "Station 51, Squad 51, Please Respond...!!"

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  9. Rachgier

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    Yes, technically I was a Firefighter Paramedic, but anybody who wasn't a PM, was a Firefighter/EMT.
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  10. Visper

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    Headed out for the elusive Buck and its raining like hell...

    Got a couple doe but the Bucks have been a pita!!!
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Dixie McCall! [​IMG]
  12. undeRGRound

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    They called her DIX... for short
  13. Rerun

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    Something to cheer you up with...


    Merry Christmas!

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  14. Visper

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    Well got my first buck of the season, kinda... Thinking he was at least 2-3 years old, broke his antlers off, would have been a nice 6 pointer at least. Usually I can see a button buck but these snapped clean @ the skull, looked fresh and jagged. Was thinking it was a nice ass doe when I took the shot and had one last antlerless/doe tag left.

    Anyway shot from about 110-120 yds, my back field is about 150 yds long by about 75 yds wide surrounded by woods, clean kill with my Marlin 336 lever in 30-30.

  15. harleyboy65

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    On my way to work the other night I got a nice buck with my truck, I figure at least a 4x4. I did not see it in the ditch or field on my way home the next morning, if he lived he has a really sore left shoulder. I had to loosen and readjust my already screwed up front bumper, body shop was open about 20 minutes.
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  16. Tomorrow morning I'll be transporting Sweetie for more tests...
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  17. Visper

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    Yeah, besides filling the freezer, I hunt to keep them off the side of the road, dead...
  18. Rabidwookie

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    Good luck, hope all goes well.
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    Made Some progress on my case. Got the bottom 90% done. Just gotta stain and install the compartments. Then the top will be easy. A couple of coats of clear coat, install the hardware and i should be in business. This is how my final layout will be on the bottom. As soon as i can get a few Redball 20s those will get put in the top 1/2.

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  20. MaryB

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    If I can clear enough junk form my office put together the new electronics workbench so I have somewhere besides rickety folding tray table to work on... I am to much of a pack rat. Lot of stuff hitting the trash. Boxes for cell phones I haven't owned in 10 years... bits and pieces of electronic stuff... I gotta organize this mess!
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