Whatcha doing today?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by adam01364, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. OldOutlaw

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    ^^^^^^^^^ Wish I could give you more than one like for that!
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  2. OldOutlaw

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    Still can't get my camera to work. :)
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  3. Rabidwookie

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    You could always send me a couple of his teeth. I’ll have them bronzed and make a Asshat if the Year award.:lol:
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  4. OldOutlaw

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    Started yesterday, (My Birthday) driving wife 120 miles round trip for Cancer Radiation treatments. Just got back about 2 hours ago. A second cancer of a different type.
    Will be doing this every day, 5 days a week, for the next 6 weeks. Gonna be busy everyday.
  5. Rabidwookie

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    Damn, thats rough, hope all goes well.
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  6. Visper

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    Damn man... hope it all works out.

    Go in positive, positive your gonna kick it's ass!!!
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  7. lklawson

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    Prayers offered.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  8. Sheeet. Tell 'em that no way to treat a birthday boy.
    Seriously, I'll be saying some prayers for you.
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  9. OldOutlaw

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    She has fought lung cancer and brain cancer since January of 2015. Major brain surgery for tumor there. Lung tumor inoperable. Radiation and chemo have stopped it, but not killed it. Keytruda is a wonderful drug.
    Now, she experienced another tumor near her heart. An entirely different type. It was surgically removed day before Thanksgiving. Now they are radiating that area to kill any cells that might be there.

    The Doctors at the University of Iowa Cancer Center are simply amazed she is still here. They just told us Monday she is their Star. Let me tell you, they study her closely. Their Cancer Research Docs are watching every thing. They suspect that her attitude is a big key. Along with eating good and doing her normal activities.
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  10. MaryB

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    Prayers for her recovery form this one!
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  11. moona11

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    Damnit that shit won't leave her alone.
    She's a fighter though I have every confidence she will kick its ass
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  12. moona11

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    16105787715301887490168536882113.jpg Taking Jhett to Bismarck so he can fly back to Prescott school starts the Monday. So we get the night to hang out before he leaves in the morning. Gonna miss him.

    It's 43° out and raining. So much for a ND winter
  13. Rabidwookie

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    Wow. Attitude is supposed to be a big help along with laughter. It can do wonders.
  14. Rachgier

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    Spent several hours in the bathroom cursing, yelling, and bleeding.

    But at least the framing is (almost) done and the fan is mounted!

    Battery died on the impact driver with one brace left to go so it got its own epithet hurled at it.

    20210113_140625.jpg received_696409481245463.jpeg received_190002182866423.jpeg 20210113_180312.jpg
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    Thank You Lance!!
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  16. Dubar

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    Waiting for the guy to come clean out my gutters. I was going to do it but he needs the $$$ and I don't need to be getting on the ladder today.

    Daughter just came by, dropped off a late Christmas present:


    Also told me my ex-BIL died the other day (her uncle), he was 73, heart attack they think. He was a heavy smoker, had part of a finger removed from it and had heart surgery in the past. Plus he was a real hellraiser back in the day, think of a working man's Charlie Sheen.

    Also had to take the youngest to the doctors yesterday. The daycare called her saying he was running a fever and had a runny nose, etc. Covid test came back negative and he's fine this morning.

    Tell her to hang in there and good luck! Getting old is tough enough, then you get all this stuff piled on too. You hang in there too, I've been thru the care giving side of an illness and it's no fun either, the effects on your body and mental health are things most people don't see.
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  17. moona11

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    Waiting at the hotel to see if or when my kids plane can take off. 40 mph winds with gusts of 75 right now. So far its been delayed 2hrs. Probably gonna miss another day of work. Haven't even slept yet since yesterday around noon.
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  18. Rabidwookie

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    Damn, be careful whenever you DO start driving again. You gotta get you some sleep, brother.
  19. Rabidwookie

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    Seems that starting a Thursday with 54 hours tends to upset folks in our payroll dept. so i’m looking at a 4 1/2 day weekend. So I’m kinda doing some research on some magazines. Anybody ever order from or know anything about, On Target Sports Online?
  20. moona11

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    Still waiting.