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    Funny, doing the same. Just started reading up and got a few books. I have a few units I'm looking at also, but want to read up more etc before i go buying one.

    I've prepped here and there for a really long time, but never put a lot into coms besides a cb, a scanner and some analog handhelds. Dumb me... so going to rectify that!!!
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    Sorry to hear wookie... I can't even imagine that... god bless you and your family. You will be in my prayers.
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    Thanks, we appreciate it.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    5-20% Dr.MoonZie.https://www.wikihow.pet/Diagnose-Spay-Incontinence-in-Female-Dogs

    I had a Golden that had the problem intermittently. Thankfully not when she was old and frail as she spent a bunch of time indoors. My big dog will just be laying there sleeping and leak. It wakes her up.
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    CHIEFS , wings , beer......
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    Yep, I'll be sitting down and watching. Probably with a big bowl of popcorn.:popcorn:
  7. My old PCP had this stuff in large glass jar. It must have been a gallon or more. It was viscous and a reddish-brown color much like betadine. It smelled awful. But it would open up my sinuses for at least six months. I went twice a year for ten years. Then he retired and no one else, even his replacement had a clue what it was.

    He would have me lay on my back on the exam table with my head hanging off the end, top of my head towards the floor as much as possible. Then he would dip these foot long fat headed qtips into the fluid and stick then them deep into my nose. All the way to the back.

    I would have to lay there for five minutes, breathing through my mouth and hoping nothing leaked into my throat. Then he would pull the sticks out and I would roll over and man, it was like Niagara Falls for ten minutes. Lots of free flow drainage and blowing of my nose.

    Horrible experience, but it worked great. I got near six months of great, clear sinuses that not even allergy season would affect.
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    I am the odd woman who DETESTS shopping LOL unless they have a ham radio store or electronics surplus store...
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    If you have questions ask away, I was licensed in 1974... still a ham all these years later...
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    Moving snow as soon as I wake up... slept in until 1PM after having a bad sinus dump last night that woke me up and kept me up for 2 hours. Hard to sleep when it is dumping down the back of your throat... so I read and hacked up snot for that part of the night. Said the hell with it I am sleeping in.
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    More snot than I needed to know about. Many of us have the same at times but we don't describe it on here.
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    Oh cool your heels, grandpa. I'll start describing all sorts of gross shiz I've dealt with in the field. We've seen pictures of a GSW, knee replacements, and surgical revisions with an open wound tract due to infection from GB and you didn't have a single negative reaction.

    If you're going to be a jerk, try to be an equal opportunity jerk, like me.
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    Neighbor - "New knife?"

    Me - *shamefaced* "Yes."


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    *OUCH* how many stitches?
  15. MaryB

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    Finish the last little bit of snow shoveling(plow came by and buried my mailbox again)... start going thru another tackle box to see what I need for spring fishing.
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    I have the Kenwood TMV-71A for both in the shack and in the mobile. It's 2m (vhf) & 70cm (uhf) with cross band repeater capabilities and dual receive. I standardized since I can clone the programming and for common operation. I can use the cross band repeater functionality with a handheld when out of the vehicle and increase the range of the handheld for field ops. There are other brands/models that have the same features, it's all a matter of preference. Your Technician license gives you access to 2m/70cm and limited HF frequencies/bands. For full band use you'll need to get your Extra Class license, or at least your General Class license for a little more privileges on HF.

    I hold an Extra Class license and am also a licensed Examiner and Instructor by ARRL. I also am part of ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) and the Storm Spotters Network. I have my shack taken apart right now though due to the remodel work in the house. One of these days I'll get it back up and get back on the HF bands.
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    Damn! There goes your love life. :rotfl:
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    I bet he already has found a new girlfriend off on the side.:banana:
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    It's only an inch long and maybe 1/8" deep.
    Soap and water, peroxide bath, Neosporin, a medihoney square, gauze pad, and tape.

    It'll be okay in a couple of days.

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    But will your relationship ever?
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