What's a good plain, relatively cheap service revolver?

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  1. In other words a 3-4" .38 or .357 revolver like the S&W Model 10, it's myriad of copies and followers, and others? Looking to get something simple, cheap, and "unfancy" so the wife and I can get familiar with wheel guns.

    When I do this I can't spend more than $300. Currently pursuing some trade in Model 10's but there's also other model S&W's, Colts, Taurus, and even some of the newer stuff like EAA and Armscor?

    I'm asking you guys here because I've noticed a lot of folks here appreciate value in firearms, not just names. Asked this on 3 other forums and yeah...got all kinds of recommendations for everything from antiques to grizzly hunting revolvers to snubs. :roll:
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    I think the Ruger speed six and security six are great guns if you can find one.

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    Rossi .38 Special +p,

    Don't have a wheelgun, YET. But when i do it'll be this Rossi .357!
    I like the .357 for the ability to fire both the .357 mag and .38 ammo. .357 for carry, .38 for plinking... But a .38 will not fire a .357 round.
  4. Like those Rugers but boy do they hold their value.

    Silicone, has to be a revolver. The wife doesn't have the hand strength to rack the slide on most semi-autos and gets flustered with the controls. Yeah, yeah, practice practice practice but a revolver suits her nicely.
    For the record that MDL 200 is an Armscor design, made in the Philippines by the same folks who make RIA and Charles Daly 1911's. Now someone who's had one?

    The nearest Academy store is about 4 states away...we have Dunham's up here but no handguns.
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    I personally prefer the S&W revolvers over the others. Colt have become collectors items and many people are not shooting their pythons at the range anymore. I have two smith's: a 686pp and a model 17 k22 masterpiece. I love them both. By me the Smith revolvers are fairly priced in the $300-500 range for a clean used one. I saw a beautiful Stainless Model 29 w/4" barrel yesterday for $500.00 in the gun store. They had a ruger redhawk 44cal there to for $450.00. If you search the local classifieds you will find an old timer who is selling one at a reasonable price.
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    I agree that the Rossi has been proving themselves as a great inexpensive revolver in the .38 and .357 caliber. Can't beat the price, and overall the reviews on the new irons are pretty good!

    BUT, I would say keep your eyes peeled for a Taurus! You can still find them just under or around 300, and speaking as a former Model 66 owner, they're build is on par with S&W and for the price they're a great heavy hitter! The .38's can be found in the 275 range here in Arizona all day long, and they've got a pretty good warranty to boot.
  7. Those revolvers at centerfire are made by Armscor
    The model that centerfire has is at the top of the page.

    My wife has a rossi 38 special. Its been a good gun.
  8. Taurus has a very nice .38 Special line of revolvers at decent prices. I currently own a Taurus 441 4" .44 Special and its nothing short of fantastic, super accurate with a very sweet SA trigger pull, the DA is a bit stiff but most DA revolver triggers are stiff. If I were looking for a new service revolver in .38Sp, and could not afford a S&W, the Taurus would be my first pick.

    Ruger GP or SP revolvers are very nice and built like a tank to last a lifetime and then some. They are heavy but extremely durable guns.
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    I'm leery of it's Chinese build, but at the same time morbidly interested....

    I just think it's ironic it's a firearm made in a country that bans firearms to it's citizens.
  10. Cough cough...look up a few posts...

    So it's made in the Philippines by folks who CAN own firearms. My RIA makes me lean towards one of these.
    Even found a few good reviews of them over on TheHighRoad. Not super great but worth the cost by far.
  11. I'm agreeing with the Armscor folks and thinking that might be a good choice.
    Everyone with an Armscor/RIA 1911 I've come across has liked theirs. I like mine quite a bit and consider it a great value. I want to try one of the revolvers soon. I don't have the 'revolver' word on my CHL and don't currently own a revolver. So, my plan is to buy an Armscor .38 because they're inexpensive and get the 'R' word added to my permit.:roll:

  12. My vote is for taurus!!! They have a great line of revolvers.
  13. Taurus makes really great revolvers, I also vote for them for price, quality and affordability.
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    I recently purchased a Ruger Security Six w/mfg date of 1978.It is a double action, 357 magnum,4" and has a Mustang Grip Company(now defunct) custom finger groved wooden grips. I shot 50 rounds thru it last week w/o any hand pain or discomfort. The gun was on the money at the silhouette range. I paid $400 at a local gun shop,but consider this to be a good,lasting value,quality revolver. Security Sixs are not rare,but hard to find.If you find a used Ruger,you won't be disappointed.
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    look around for a Smith&Wesson Victory model usually chambered in 38 spl

    if you find one, make sure its 38 spl, not 38 s&w (lend/lease program for the British in WWII) I got mine for around $200.

    outstanding value on what essentially became the Model 10.
  16. Charter Arms--- I used to have a .32H7R Mag Undercoverette-- While the ammo was pricey, it was a nice little shooter.
    I am eying .44Special Bulldog when I get caught up on the bills--

    I usually see Charters going for low $200s to right under $300 for most models new at gunshows-- just shop carefully to find the good deals.
  17. tju1973,

    Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Specials are very nice guns for the money. Make a great alternative CCW and hit almost as hard as a .45acp even when shooting from the short 2.5" barrel. Recoil is stout but not bad at all, I think its easier in recoil than shooting a similar sized gun in .357Mag. The Bulldog is the most accurate snubby I have ever owned or shot. Only other .44Sp snubby that's worth buying is the Taurus 431 if you can find one for sale. They are heavier than the Bulldog but every bit as accurate and really enjoyable to shoot.
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    You know Rimfire this is not a bad idea at that!
  19. rimfirehunter
    You must really miss that old "dawg".