What's Driving The Islamic State?

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    He's wrong. That agreement is just a rallying point, something used to cast blame on the other guys, and show how corrupt the west is. And at that time, it was pretty corrupt, still hanging onto the Imperialism of the late 19th century, and out to exploit everything and everyone possible. Not certain it is better, but I suspect it is; at least, now we prefer to exploit things using trade instead of guns. Of course, sometimes guns are used to expedite trade.:cool:

    The actual roots are far deeper. Arabs and/or muslims have NEVER been fully unified. Even under the Caliphate, even under the Ottomans there were tribes and groups that wanted out, wanted their own chunk of land, or wanted control.

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    I thought it was the belief in the one true god.
  4. Part(and only a part of it) of the problem is when they set up the Mid-Eastern states after WW1, is they didn't do a good job of defining the borders. A better job could have been done of doing it along ethnic-religious lines.

    The same mistake was made in Africa.

    Look how many wars were fought in Europe to create the current borders that work work some what well. At least to the point of being only a mild roar. Of course there is that current problem in the Ukraine of country that has 'artificial' borders.