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    Looks like this site is dying. I am a newbie but I have been monitoring for a long time and hardly no new post in the last few days. I enjoyed all of the information and talking of new products and experimenting going on with these neat little rifles. I hope it picks back up. :cry: :cry:
  2. Ari

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    just wait for it... It will start back again it is spring! :D

  3. its because its getting nice out, everyones got the spring fever!!! once we get bored of being outside or it gets to darn hot out we will be back at out computers!!! :p

  4. Exactly....
  5. Nope

    Au contraire, mon amie! "It's alive!"

  6. griff30

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    Is it me or did we actually loose a few recently?
    I know there were days when I would see names up here and they dont post anymore. Like in the past month its dropped off dramatically.
    Was it the ATI stock, and political topics?
  7. I hadn't noticed it, and on thinking about it, I'm still not sure I totally agree. But, that does bring one name to mind -- whatever happened to Mr. Merriwether?
  8. GlockMan

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    Members come and go as they please as their interests change, one month maybe Hi-points while the next is working on the car and so on. The forum always slows down in the spring and summer due to nice weather and family activities and picks up once again when the weather turns cold and crappy.
  9. i think it from some of the post getting removed. i have also seen post altered. thats what done it for me. i do enjoy this fourm. but dont think anyone but the one who posted it should change its wording.if things get back to normal i will start posting more.as i said it is a great forum. hope this dose not get deleted. :D
  10. neothespian

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    There's always a lull in the spring months. Also, many of us "regs" have been consumed with personal events in our lives (Namely, moving. Myself and at least 5 other members I know of just moved within the past 2 weeks and a few others got deployed).

    Just wait: After the spring gun shows and the federal rebate check, we're going to EXPLODE in activity :shock:
  11. Yep, I'm sure that's EXACTLY what it was... :roll:
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    YES.......I don't think this is what the government had in mind but my $600 will ad an AR to my collection.
  13. It will pick up. just wiat for the new stocks to come out and hopefully the 4595 will be out. I knwo that will breath life back into things for sure.