What's in a name?

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  1. Here is a question that I have not seen asked.

    Where did Hi-Point firearms get their name from?
  2. Never thought of that...... Excellent question Bushman.... Anybody?

  3. People get HI on meth etc and try to cause harm to others so you need somthing to POINT at them............................. :wink:
  4. How about during a brainstorming session. "...and on this high point we'll make a gun for the people"

    yeah, right!

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  5. There are a fair number of "Hi-Point" things in that area of Ohio: the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center, Ohio Hi-Point JVS High School, and so on. Apparently, the term is based on a geographical peculiarity, as described in Wikipedia: "For many years the highest point in Ohio served as home to the Bellefontaine Air Force Station. Personnel of the 664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron manned the site during the 1950s and 60s, during the peak of the Cold War, watching for attacks coming over the pole from Russia."

    I'd guess that the choice of name may have been based both on this local reference as well as the felicitous suggestion of quality mentioned in previous posts.
  6. Actually, thats what propted my question. Why googling "Hi-Point" to look for ther websites and forums (by the way, this is the best one out there, by far) alot of convention centers and I think a middle school came up. Figured it was a geologic location. But thanks for the confirmation farmkid.... you should get a price.

  7. $1.98

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