What's in your BOP?

Discussion in 'Survival Zone' started by stonebridge, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Ok, being a little facetious here. By BOP I mean bug-out-pockets and by that I mean what's on your person all the time? I'm constantly receiving friendly ridicule for the large assortment of gear I carry on me at any given time. So I'm wondering if there's anyone out there that's like me that carries Tac/Survival gear on a regular basis or items that could double for such.

    At any given time I have on me:

    HK P2000 SK 9mm handgun
    Leather belt
    Leatherman Sideclip
    Smith & Wesson 24/7 Folder, 1/2 serrated
    Keys on black climbing 'biner holding:
    Keys (duh)
    Nail clippers w/ file, knife blade, can opener
    Handcuff key
    995 tool
    1/2 a bayonet lug attachment off an M44 (for flair)

    Leather wallet that contains:
    Not enough money (actually, I rarely have <$500 emergency cash stashed in the lining)
    CCW and Driver's License
    Small round plastic mirror
    Metal hook tool for jimmying doors open (self-made, long story)

    Cell Phone
    Everyday cash
    Little Black Book
    Notepaper & Pen

    I ought to carry a lighter on me at all times but usually just have one in my jacket.

    Sometimes I also carry cuffs & spare mag with me in certain situations.

    I used to have a Solitaire Mag-Lite on my key ring but lost it somehow. So I'm currently light-less and need to remedy that soon.

    How 'bout you guys?

  2. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    2 P38 can openers
    one fingernail clippers
    All on a paracord "leash" which my bro made for me, clips on a belt loop.

    Gerber folding knife, always on me
    Hi-Point promo knife ( Hi-Point all the way, eh!!!!)

    Wallet with hardly any cash
    Old Ccards/cards for odds and end usage.
    Thinking of those card keys for GMs that are plastic, but can be keyed for your keys

    SureFire G2 Nitrolon flashlight.

    Cell phone.

  3. vallen

    vallen Member

    Benchmade ATS-34 Sometimes the CRKT M16 (depends)
    Photon Freedom
    PF9 (Depends)

    everything else is in my x-pack
  4. billybybose

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    Cobra 38spl derringer,buck knife,smokes,lighter,wallet,keys,cell phone.How come the cuff key stoney?
  5. SharpsShtr

    SharpsShtr Member

    I'm in and through airport security all day so my pockets are pretty sparse. I do carry my wallet (never with enough cash) and a SureFire E2E Executive Elite defense flashlight.

  6. I carry the handcuff key because a) I carry handcuffs on occasion (if not on my belt at least in my glove box) and b) just in case I'm ever wrongfully imprisoned ;o)

    I actually used to practice getting out of handcuffs. If someone was dumb enough to leave my keys on me I could get out of cuffs in about a minute. With my Leatherman and a paperclip I could free myself in under four. Without the Leatherman it took a bit longer. I haven't practiced in a while so I'm sure I've slipped some. Incidentally, that's with having my hands cuffed behind my back to start.

    More to the point, I subscribe to the argument that I'd rather cuff a BG than cap him if I've got the choice.

    Also, I'm hoping that Desantis will eventually make a P2000 SK holster with their "lock hole" http://www.desantisholster.com/01l.html which would be so nice. Just slip the cuffs through the lock hole and cuff the gun to the gear shift or something while I'm in the post office or courthouse.

    Side note: several gun manufacturers are now designing their integral gun locks to be compatible with handcuff keys. Not a fan of on-board gun locking mechanisms but if you're going to have them, the handcuff key makes a lot of sense.

    I'm needing a good light to carry. What do you all suggest for regular carry and use? I know Surefires are top-of-the-line but I don't want to be buying CR123A batteries every time I need to read directions in the dark. Maybe one with LEDs? And as mentioned, I'm running out of room on the Bat Belt so I need something small.

  7. every day no mater where i go i have

    hand gun vaires from day to day depending on situation
    at least one extra mag
    wallet - never nuff cash either
    S&W lock blade-small only bout 2 inches folded
    and a small 2 aa mag light ot my small sure fire light when it wants to work.
    mace (not that cheap pepper spray shit)

    i have a few other thing in the car but i feel i have enough to survive also i always keep at least 1/2 a tank of fuel in both vehicles. i try to keep 3/4 in the truck just cause it gets shitty fuel effecancy
  8. vallen

    vallen Member

    I hope those are the pink fluffy kind :) ( Although i know you are partial to tactical black.)

    As far as lights, this site has lots of Surefire knockoffs on the cheap, you can find some that run on AA's. The Cree LED is the newer, more powerful emitter. They ship fast and have alot of good reviews to help you decide.
  9. SharpsShtr

    SharpsShtr Member


    I have a couple of regular old MagLite flashlights that I have put LED conversions into. One was an el cheepo third party LED conversion - not recommended as the beam isn't focusable and the light is diffuse. On the other one I sprung for the official MagLite LED conversion kit. MUCH more expensvie, but the beam is focusable and it puts out a bunch of light. The batteries also now last forever.

  10. Decoligny

    Decoligny Member

    Mini Maglite 3 Watt LED - Super Brite
    Buck double bladed knife 3.5"
    Cell Phone
    Keychain Compass
    Magnesium Flint Block firestarted on keychain
    Smallest of the Swiss Army knives on keychain
    Misc Credit Cards
    Misc Identification
    Credit Card size magnifying glass
    Ministerial License/Ordination Card
    Palm Pilot
  11. Vallen: Yeah, not so much with the pink fluffies. That's more of a Primal kinda thing. :D In the novel I'm writing, there's a character who carries a pair that he serrated himself. Nasty.

    I have the LED upgrade for my Mini-mag and my 4D cell mag. They're pretty nice but even the Mini is too long IMO for carrying on me. I need something shorter with a clip. I'm also trying to figure out the best way to draw the gun and light at the same time. Probably have to put both strong side. I usually have a shirt covering the SK so it'll take some practice.

    What are some other cool pieces of gear people carry?

    What do you know you should carry but don't?

    What would you like to carry if you had the time/money/energy to obtain it?


    PS Decoligny, I see you're ordained. I'm a PK and my brother-in-law's a minister too. What denomination are you, if I may be so bold?
  12. Original post here: http://www.neardeathexperiments.com/smf/index.php?topic=1116.0

    My gear is not so much a bug out bag as it IS a Get Home Bag. My intent is to keep the necessary gear on and around me to get home. My gear could be used to bug out, but that is not its primary purpose.

    For starters, I keep a minimum of handy “stuff†on me at all times. Sure I Jingle more than your average bear but it really does not take much getting used to. The comfort factor far out weighs any negatives…
    Wallet with utility knife blade and wax paper wrapped waterproof strike anywhere matches inside
    CRKT Bear Claw
    Gerber multi-tool
    Pocket key set
    Belt hooked keys w/ magnesium/flint bar
    Dorsey 1 AAA battery White LED flashlight W/ spare battery
    Too much pocket change
    Carmex lip balm (Works just like petroleum jelly for fire starting)
    Eye Drops
    Bic Lighter
    Small coin compass
    Cheap lock back knife
  13. On me or in my bag at all times:

    Pocket knife
    small swiss army knife
    spare pen drive with utlities and personal info
    Spare ID Card
    Spare cards for other uses(ie: carding locks, squeege)
    small first aid kit
    Lighter and matches
    Dental floss
    lip balm
    standard wallet stuff + paper clips
    Spare batteries- AA, AAA, N, 123A
    At least one flashlight(usually one in bag, one on person)
    Energy bar of some sort as well as a waterbottle and a packet or two of sugared drink mix

    Theres more, just can't remember it all right now.
  14. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    Cell phone, Wallet, and Keys are my main 3. I always do a cursory check for those before leaving home.

    The keys have a handcuff key, and a Hi-point multi-tool on them.

    I also might at any given time be carrying Hi-Point C-9, or a Walther P-22 in a Fobus paddle holster. Also have a pair of black Peerless Model 700 cuffs that are generally in my center console of my Tahoe, but end up in my pocket any time I'm carrying, and sometimes just for the heck of it.

    I figure that any time I might need a gun, I'll have the likelyhood of needing to restrain/detain someone too, so they're with me.

    The 'knife in your pocket' thread has inspired me to get off my lazy butt and go buy another pocket knife, so I'll start carrying that as well.
  15. Here is what I have on me right now.
    Keys on carabiner(with hand cuff key)
    P38 on key ring
    Bench made auto striker (pocket knife)
    Leather wallett
    No cash
    Driver licence
    Bank card
    Credit card
    Conceld Permit card
    Black leather belt
    wedding ring
    cross on chain
    personal cell phone
    nextel from work
    streamlight stinger(in belt holder)
    S&W Cuffs
    Extra mag pouch(with mag)
    Thats just what I carry in my pants now in my shirt/jacket pockets
    2 pens
    Pad of paper
    another handcuff pen key
    pen light
    Thats all I have on me now.