What's the best way to fix scratches on my shotgun?

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    After I got the Rhino-Liner type crap off the Maverick I bought it was as I feared...the finish is all scratched to crap. It's pretty bad, so I'd like to fix it. I have some of the gun blue that I bought a while back to experiment with. I fixed a few spots on my AK with it, but they don't look great, just better than having scratches. Could someone share some tips or something with me on how to fix these scratches?

    Thanks guys.


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    That tactical black is about what I want. Kinda expensive...I dunno if I'll do it or not. Will I need the finishing kit or reducer? I know somebody with a spray gun so I won't have to buy one of those.
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  4. Besides Duracoat, parkerizing might be an option depending on the metal. Or get it media blasted and reblue. There are also flat black and gloss black touch up markers made by Birchwood Casey. Some people touch up their ARs with a Sharpie. If its aluminum, Birchwood Casey makes Aluminum Black which will blacken it.
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    Wikipedia says that the receiver is just painted black on the Mavericks. How well do you guys think taking it apart and using paint remover on it then spray painting it with some Rustoleum or something would work?

    College student + only working 15 hours per week = need cheap fix
  6. Since it's just painted, stripping and spray painting might work well. You might consider engine enamel from an auto parts store, baked under low heat in the oven. No promises -- just a thought.

    Good luck!
  7. If you go that route I really recommend Duplicolor Ceramic Hi Temp engine paint. You can get gloss or semi gloss, and paint it and cure it in the oven for a couple of hours at 250 or so

    I have done a couple of parts like that and they came out really nice.
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    Great! I think I'll grab some of that engine enamel tomorrow! I'll try to start cooking it Tuesday. Convection bake or regular bake? lol

    Anybody know about that shell holder I posted a little while ago?
  9. Regular oven ;) , and if you are married, send the wife out shopping for the day, it does smell a little while its curing and most wives dont like that too much in their ovens. LOL
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    Krylon Industrial Rust Tough Acrylic Enamel Aerosol - Hi-Temp Black
    I will probably be doing this to my *nameless firearms* sometime soon.
  11. Saw you post over on shotgun world too. I would just paint it with some high temp paint. good luck
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    Hmm I didn't post anything on shotgun world, but they may have harvested the thread or something.

    @ adam and strangerous - would I still need to bake the hi temp stuff? I can use a friend's oven to heat it in probably, my mom doesn't know about the shotgun...or 5 others actually 8) she said I couldn't buy any more a while back but I've just been sneaky. A strange odor coming from the oven might be hard to explain though.
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    One must keep in mind that the receiver on a maveric is made from aluminum (anodized?). Should be okay as long as it doesnt get over 500 degrees. Anyway, traditional gun bluing is out of the question. KG gunkote is pretty cheap and durable but must also be baked on. Duracoat requires no baking to cure as it is an expoxy based product.
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    Leave the scratchs and shoot the thing!
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    I'm gonna order some of that rust tough next week when I get paid. I've already shot it quite a bit, the dealer put the rails back on the inside so I can use the shell tube now. It's much more fun using it as a pump action than a single shot :D It had been so long since I'd shot a shotgun, I forgot how much fun these things are!