What's the good word on AK, 9mm, and .45 ACP ammo right now?

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  1. So after 9 months I will hopefully be finally getting my month's worth of unemployment. Cheap ass bastards. :evil:

    Anyways...decided to stock up when I get the money and get a case each of my favorite flavors - 7.62x39mm, .45 ACP, and 9mm.

    No reason, just a desire to have good, reliable ammo sitting in the closet in case the election doesn't go well and Sarah Brady has someone's ear in a year.
    Money was short for a good while which means I haven't shot any in over a year...damn...almost two years.

    What's the current bargain and how is the quality of the different stuff available? Nothing fancy, just FMJ or whatever is cheapest but works.
    In the AK I see at least two grades of Wolf, various nationalities, and Golden Tiger from just looking around?
    9mm and .45 I just see a whole variety of makers. Last time I bought any in bulk Wolf was the cheap buy at all times but now it looks like they're getting competition.
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    AK ammo is about a horse apiece-buy the cheapest you can find.

    9mm and .45 ACP id stick with brass case commerical or black hills reman. Both good stuff. If you are so inclined you can reload alot more ammo for the same money with once fired brass and bulk bullets.


  3. Contemplating buying all brass this time (well, except for the AK) for just that reason. Don't reload but better to have it and use it later.