What's the purpose of the barrel band?

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  1. A couple of months ago I bought a used 995 classic of which I replaced the monkey stock with a TS one. However, I don't recall seeing a barrel band when I received the stock from MoM. I bring this up after reviewing a couple of youtube videos that clearly show a barrel band that fits just forward of the recoil spring and slide assembly.

    Is it unsafe to fire the weapon without the band? Okay, I'll admit that I did fire it and I still have all my body parts. :eek:
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    It helps hold things solid, and makes the gun more accurate.

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    A strip of black Duct tape will fix it good enough for a Hi Point - TIC
  4. Nah, that may be okay on a monkey stock but as you know, the TS is constructed differently. ;)

    I'll call MoM on Monday and see what she has to say about it. Bet I'll get a freebee mailed to me.

    Just curious about its purpose. I removed the barrel band from my 10/22, cut the tip of the stock off – where the band used to be - and it’s more accurate now than it was with the band.
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    Do you have the old receiver(995) or the newer receiver (TS)?
  6. I have the classic 995 that I mounted in a TS stock.
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    So if you haven't figured it out yet the band holds the barrel tight to the classic stock. The TS stock, being designed differently and more ridged, doesn't need the band. You can toss it in your parts box.
  8. Yup, I see that now. BTW, the TS mounted 995 shoots fine without the barrel band. As I indicated before, just curious as to why HP even includes a barrel band in the TS - just one more part for me to lose.

    I still plan on calling MoM only to satisfy my curiosity.
  9. For those having the same concern, I just got off the phone with tech support and was informed that the barrel band (he called it a barrel support) is not needed when using a 995 classic action in a TS stock.

    So it has been said and so It shall be done ;)
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    I took the barrel support off, when I converted my 4595TS into my Camo Classic stock.
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    The Barrel support on the TS model (which is actually listed as optional in the HP parts list), is a proprietary part with the TS receiver. It mates with the forward end of the TS receiver. If you have the 995 or an early receiver, there is no place to attach it.
    For normal use, it's not needed.
    See my photo. image.jpg
  12. Thanks ratchow, the photo clearly shows why the barrel support can not be used and therefore not required, with my 995 classic action.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. :cool:
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    No prob, thanks for posting your interaction with HP, good to know.